Saturday, 30 August 2008

Not poetry

I'm not sure if I've been written any single poem so far
Perhaps all I've done is nothing but intimate conversation
That I shouldn't show at all
But what is poetry if not simple love and all its emotions
Captured in words ?
Just to show a bit this beauty we can hide from time to time
When we feel it when we are in love?
I couldn't write any single word
Without you, don't you know?
But sharing it yes it's a kind of crime
I just love it somehow
Kill me if you wish
But do not leave


I can't do or write anything special
So I'm sitting happy at home
You came last night
And you were so cute
I love your plannes for the future too
I love all you say and you wish to do
For now
Only dreams fulfill me
I know it's a bit hopeless still
But can't do anything else
I'm just too happy
To move
I need only you
For good

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

That train

I wish to be in that train

Which takes us to our room again

To feel this heat and longing in my veins

To hide my self in your arms, palms, mouth

And drown drown drown

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Your sweet messages

Your sweet little messages

I love them

They always alight me

Until another empty day comes

When there is no you enough

I love your I'm sorry's too

Even when there is nothing

I could be angry for

But you are so cute

To say you are sorry

That you were away

From me

Then I know

I see

That you care


And I can live and I can smile

Just all is good and fine

And you are mine

As I'm yours

Nothing has changed

Nothing at all

My love

Monday, 18 August 2008


After each wrong step

I make here

And I feel I lost a little bit

Of this

What I gained


Or when all art between us

Splashed in plenty little pieces

I wish to learn

This love

From the start

I wish you to teach me

How to speak

To you

To bring you back here

For now

I'm lost in the mist

That your soul

Flows into my own

How to speak to you



Or maybe just a touch can be a cure

I hope

My love

I hope


You will be there


As I wish, as I want, as I need

Please, be there

My dear

Not all in one time

I love in you even this
That you show me your self
Piece by piece

You never hurry up with all
Except these moments
When we are together
As one

Life Of Brian - Ending

Can be something more bright than these guys?

I love them :)

And yes the right theory for the right moment is the key for a happy life and a happy death not important collateral circumstances :)

and a piece of humore of course!

oh but these all emotions are coming to us and we love them too and sometimes we have to take seriously some things to fly higher too I suppose but a little laugh at the end is good what ever happen to you yes for sure :)

My treasure

My treasure


This one

Who I’m afraid to lose

Each day

I know I shouldn’t

Come what may

I’ll just keep my place

In your heart

I know that

Yes beautiful world but with you

Yes you showed me the world

I wish to stay in for good

Though without you

It’s just an empty space

Nothing more

Landscape as all other around

Yes beautiful

But can find nicer

Everywhere I suppose

But with you

With you...

This is all

I dreamt about

With your songs, with you smile, your care

Your spirit, your passionate soul and your heart

Just wish you to be near always and in love

To feel your hand in mine

To hear your voice

I wish to live with you like this

And I know that

I wont need anything else

I just wish to stay attractive to you as you are for me

And create still our own beautiful world

To live within

Each day each night that we share

Yes, sometimes we can go outside too

To eat or dance or doing something else

But here is always more

This our together world

I wish to keep and to enjoy


Sunday, 17 August 2008

For you I'm

I love the way I’m for you

Oh so free it is, so natural

I love as I’m right now

Just can’t stand a thought

That you could


Or think bad of me

Then all this starts

Darkness among the stars

I try to reach all the time

In your mind

In your heart

I drawn there

And I go

From years

So, please

Don’t be afraid

To not have me

For you only

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Yes do it please

I have a need inside me

I wish you to watch my hole

From behind

And touch it by your finger


Letting it flow with fresh juices to taste

And then I wish you to smack it

Yes lick your finger now and put it again


I need you to watch me there

With your eyes open wide and your horny smile

I'm your bitch right now!

And I need you so much

I need you to be hard

Do not stop playing , please

Push it deeper

Oh yes!

And say that I'm your whore!

Yes I'm!

My love, please come inside, now

I want to feel your cock, wow


Oh yes!

My love!

My man!


Fuck me like this





Whenever I go to you or you to me

I promise and

I always wish to keep

My legs wide open for you

Then bend over to show you my ass

Just ready

To make you feel this base primal need

To fuck me


Yes my man, I love it!

You bring the nicest things to me

Each time you are coming here

You say something beautiful to me

As about this planning play recently

With us within

And it’s like a birth for new dreams

To go on to cherish

But me ...

I have sometimes so many dark thoughts

So all what was clear and so good

Turns in to the storm of feelings and weaknesses

I have within me

Then I feel , god what I'm doing here and why

I love him

Have to stop all this but it’s too late

I shared all what was running through me

And again I made you confused or worried a bit

And this way I worry even more

And all is in my head

What is it for?

If there is nothing but love to enjoy?

So silly girl I'm at times

I wish you to forgive me

Once again

And lets go on

This dream we have

And lets be happy together

As we are

My love

My man

How I wish to kiss you again

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I feel love

Hungry piece it was a bit

I admit

Though not current any more


I feel good

Yes so good

Having you

So smiling

Yes all is fine here

Yes I know

We gonna make it real


Yes soon

I’ll touch you


Please do not go

I need you

Somehow the right words stop fly in me

Just tears

Please do not leave me


You say you need to be my only man

You afraid the same what me

That something could come between us

That’s why we say some things

Just to make sure our selves

That we can't lost this

What we have, yes we have

Something so good

Please stay, my love

Why these tears come again

Why I'm so afraid

All the time

That you could go

Even when you say that you love

But you are so wonderful

And I'm so crazy

So unsure of this world

And me in it somehow

I'm just stealing smiles from each while that comes


I do not have any plan

For me here on this ground

Yes I wish just drown in your arms

For good

But we both know

That this is not enough

We all have to find this way we wish to go


I feel I'm on the way to nowhere

If I only lose my smile to go one

And my faith that I'm strong enough

To be worth of you

My beautiful.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Just touches

My words or voice are never tender and subtle enough

To give you this what I wish to give you, my love

I just love your touches so much

That I will dream today, tonight

How it could be sweet to lie beside you still

And to feel all this what you give

Just when you are near

Messy mind

It seems that you have a gift

To find for your self

A problematic girl a bit

Each monologue I have to you

It always sticks to the same point

I'm afraid that I'm not this girl

You can really love

Even if I wish this so much

Even when you say

From time to time

That you do

I need to keep it alive

All the time

Each day again from the start

I need to know this

And let you know too

That I just think of you

But at the same time doing it

I'm afraid so much

That I'm losing you

By my silly talk

How it’s difficult

Just to keep silence a bit

Or saying few words

Just to let you know

That I'm here and I love

As you do this

From time to time

Until you are losing patience a bit

And keep silence

You busy responsible full of life man

And me who is doing nothing special still

And who so evidently needs your company each day

When perhaps I should keep my self as busy as you

Or at least pretend that I do

So many things as you

I keep my mind busy just

And sometimes can't keep my hands

Far enough from my mobile phone

Or messenger to not share some of this

What is running here

Just why I'm afraid so much

I can lose you

And can't stop writing

All weaknesses of my heart

Which gives you nothing except a feeling

That I'm not that strong as I should be

And maybe I even let you be confused a bit

It’s terrible this need in me

And all this uncertainty

How you can stand this my love

How can I have so many silly problems

On and one childish impossible

God what a funny person human being is

Especially me right here

And all these crazy ideas

I know they are mad a bit

And selfish I'm in this

Can you love me

As I am right now?

Can you understand why

I need this so much?

And even if all seems

Funny and sad and piteous too

It’s all me for you

And it’s all I enjoy

Inside my heart

After all I'm not sure

If it wont be better to stay as we are

I just have to write less

To give you a chance

To miss me a bit

As well my mysterious personality

Because showing you all me

Can be killing

To this love and me

Maybe it’s time

To leave my self

To start create something else

New perspective perhaps?

But all I have in me

Is you

What do I know of you than?

You are so sexy man

With this what you say

The way you see things in life

Sometimes you are cruel a bit

With your opinions yes

About these who don't know

All this you do so well

These who has too easy life

You don't trust

Sometimes I'm a bit scared when you say so

If my life is enough difficult

To be the person you can adore

For something more that a pretty face or legs

It’s just because I need so much your love

Yet still so beautiful you are in all this

What you think

God what to do to be sexy for you

Enough again

I said so many things you could call

Not fruitful and childish too

That you can't find any interest to continue

Why am I so silly with you

But at least so happy

When I get this little answer

For all this I say

Even when a bit hard you are

I feel nothing but love

And I'm all in smiles

Feeling your thoughts again

In me

I can enjoy them again and explore each color of them in me

Until another wave of uncertainty flows through my mind

And I worry again to come back

To the same point, in me

Hopeless girl

Even being a bit cruel yet still beautiful you are to me

And I can't stop telling you this

Such a flatterer I became here

But it’s only to you I'm like this

I can't stop my self and you know it’s what I think

Even if it can be just funny to you at least.

What ever you plan to do after this

Just fuck me one more time please.

You didn't tell me

That you love me yesterday

I know it was all not necessary

This talk of rich and poor

Or other conditions

Or work

And compare this what you said

And what is true

To my self

But I'm a bit silly this way

I always take all to my self

Then all these thoughts you know so well

Flowing again through me

And all I wish is that you could say

Something nice

But at times you just turn in to silence

I can't change this

So have to calm down

And grow up I think

And have hope

That you love me

And such things can’t change this

Even when I do not agree

With all what you say

I love when you do so

I love to hear your voice

It’s always so cute somehow

This charm is in each step you do

Each word and the way you see this world

And your point of view for all these rich politicians too

Even when you are so cruel to them

And I think it’s not all so bad as you say

I love when you do so

And at least I have to agree

You are right with most of this

What you believe in.

Oh actually I think

I’m totally simple one girl

And I always had

This problems you mention about

The low income

The only difference

Is this that I never tried

Real hard work

I choose other way to go

That’s all

He has your profile

What amazing touch

Can’t stop look at this man

But not, now I see his face

Is not so sweet as yours

Not this glance not this charm

But profile

Yes it is similar and this smile

God, this smile

I can see your face

So well now

You are so clear in my mind

So sweet beautiful

What a wonderful feeling is this

Memory to keep

And you are mine still

As you say to me

I should never doubt in this

Amazing looking at his nose and the same cute line of his mouth

That remind me you give me so much pleasure

So suddenly incredible

Pleasure on the beach

I can say

Do whatever you want

Keep your world as far from mine as you wish

Just don’t stop to love me please.

Our worlds are so different

Though all you are and you do seems exciting to me

That’s why I wish to leave all I have here and follow you

Even if it seems a bit crazy I know