Thursday, 25 June 2009


I like the fact
That you are not afraid of death
If it comes
From my hand

Constancy fits to you

I thought it is also a jealousy
That keeps us so close so flingly
But it was before
Now I can find so much joy
When you tell me
You are not interested of any girl but me
This makes you more attractive now
Even when I do tease you
All the time
Making hell from your mind
How I love when after that
You still say to me
My Darling

It's all I want to hear and live for
To hear
These words
From your mouth
What ever I have done

I love to be your bitch, your whore
Just don't leave me anymore

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The future

It doesn't matter
When right now
Right here
I feel eternity
In this little message
You keep
To send still

and heaven is in me

Monday, 15 June 2009

Something what you can't do

You can't simply kill this dream I live for
Having nothing to offer instead of

Please try to understand
My silly friend
How important is this faith for me
When nothing else let me feel
So good as this one last thing
I still believe in

It's dangerous to take away
My own soul from me
Giving me few empty caresses
To get excited
It's much too little for me
When I know
How good I feel when I believe
In love

This last little thing
Which is the reason to live
For me

Love is for these who are able to survive

We are so easy to touch
This jealousy of love is impossible
It let only the strongest survive
All the rest have to leave this boat
Before they do something wrong
or drown too deep to still live and sing

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I love to give you power
Over my body and soul
Because I love you and I trust you enough
To know that
You wont use it
In any other way
Than to make me even more smiling
At the end and more open for you
As I ever though that I could

It's the most wonderful thing
I ever felt
and it's good

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Years go by

A few years we are together here
And I still have a feeling
That it's just the beginning
Are we going so slowly or this way is so long?
Who cares
Anyway I love this
No end between you and me
This endlessly
This dream

So I am here
and you are too
I hope
It's enough to dance still
It's enough to live


I hate anyone who tells me what to do
Except you
You are cute even in this
And I am glad to listen
It's always the part of this sweet game
We play
Even not being aware
To the end
We create
Another day
In our play

Where could I find something more

Where could I drown
So blissful?

I don't know
I never found
Anything more exceptional

So far

Friday, 5 June 2009

It is still for me

I am here
For all those never written poems
I can feel in the memory
Of your kisses

I wonder how many lives
I can have at the same time
Still being my self in this
It seems at least two
Just as we are
Right now


Little secret room with all useful stuff
Some clothes, books, PC
For a couple of days staying
In my favourite place in the world
Few times a year

With you coming there
When I let you know
That I am
And I wait you

Recent dream
I have
About me and you
Independently together though

Thursday, 4 June 2009

you and your bloody poetry

Some men who write poetry seem a bit infantile
To me
but not you
You are really wild
Bony cruel mad sick
That's what I like in it
You bad boy fascinated in those things
Normal people scare to think

Yes I like men like you
Who do it so gently
This charming diving in to the madness we can be in
Ignoring rules borders purity
Yet still shy
With relation between
You and me
It's somehow sweet

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

You and he

And again you talk to me
Like you were him

As you were living inside his mind
Whispering all this...he wish to tell me
And I wake up
To your words
As to love
I still feel to him

Amazing connection
of three minds or more
I don't know
I just feed my soul
By your love