Saturday, 31 October 2009


What it is if not
Huge open beautiful
For all us to enjoy?

It's a special world
When we are able to live and play
Fulfilling minds and souls
By something so exciting so good
At the same time we can touch each other too
And gain and lost so much
In one moment in space in one night or day
All your world can be changed

By single word

That gives you power to enjoy this world
Or lack of hope

Beautiful dangerous world
Be careful
And enjoy!

Just as much you can just as much you want
It's free and it lives inside
And it's so big just as your imagination is
Go follow your dreams and needs
You can have all what you wish here
Believe me

I am here from years with few of my friends
And I'll never leave
It is all just too sweet and too free
To find something else

Here you have your own mind and soul
Shared with these who you like or love
What else to need?

Well some other life still
But here is more
So you can play just as you wish
It is amazing, really it is
As much as this love
Which suddenly became eternal in words
I am playing with the time again
Like you were here still with me
And it seems so real

So it is all just art we can be sure of
It is only mind which create all
And heart of course

I wonder if new story begin soon
Or maybe I can live only with you here
You exist in my mind or in real
Doesn't matter now

Until I still smile
To these words
I had for you
In some moment in space
When we cached our souls
And felt in love

Friday, 30 October 2009

to Bradley Cooper

Well I can't say you are only one man who I love
Though if I have to spend some time on the desert island
And I could find someone to be there with me
Then for sure
My very first choice will be you

Just these fans around
Could make too much noise
as this wife here
Behind the door

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Yello - Of cours i'm lying

And who will lie to me
So sweetly as you did?
I'll wait for a man like you
Or I'll dream and learn how to lie too
To let them feel good

What else I can do?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Yello - Lost Again

The city is calling
Nights still open before
And you strangers
Sing your songs

Like you know
What I want

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Not for me

Yes I was willing to give it another try
It's true
Yet not this way, not like this
I don't need the man
Who doesn't trust me enough
To speak
I don't need coward too
And the man who treat me as an air
Each time when it is just a little bit
More complicated than it should be
And who lies intensively enough
To be lost himself in it

Yes sometimes it is sweet indeed
Yet after moment it touch
Just too often just too much

It's charming sometimes
These dreams
But well
Not like this
You did
To let me know again
How little you care

It is the perfect time to leave then
It's not the way
To follow for me any more
Even when you are kind of sweet
In it indeed
Yet not for me
Not for me
You live

But do not worry you are safe
I am not femme fatal for you
You are free on your way

There is no consequence of this romance
Except this lost chance

Saturday, 24 October 2009

nothing compares

Do you think it is possible to drown for good
In this sadness after you?

There is so many questions still in me
And nothing I can do more

So it will be forever like this?
This madness this dream?

I can play those pictures
Putting thoughts again to the site
Like they were fresh
Like all this still go on

But it is not true
It's only me here
Talking to the ghost

Friday, 23 October 2009

Touch and go - Tango in harlem

Yes baby go
Find for your self
Some more discreet lover than me
I can write my book of life
Without you here

It's more real than you ever been to me

Thank for these few moments in space
Thanks for all poems too
It will stay something from us
This way

And it is ok

Erin McCarley's "Love Save the Empty"

Why I had to forget for a moment of my life that kiss is just a kiss and smile is only a smile it takes a while

and then

You have to go again

Back to your life

Well all what was good
Is gone somehow
Another bitter end
Of this sweet story of us
Maybe it's better like this
Maybe it's better for both

We will find new charms soon
I am sure

It will take some time
Of course

But it is just how it works
This lost
Maybe it's better to leave now
When it hurts the most
But will survive
Inside as it was
Just a moment ago

Who knows?

For now we have a story
That's all
And memories too
What to wish more?
Nothing is left I suppose

So leave it up
And back to our life
It's ok too and it is full of new surprises too
I am sure

Thursday, 22 October 2009

By the way

It seems we both know this my dear
That this love is nothing but creation of my hungry heart
And it cant live anywhere except this site
That's why this trap is so fine and special

And sweet to live in
Because it is only another dream
Yet so real

At least

Well it is good to know
That you still wish to keep the touch
Even if it is only me who talks

You must have some fun with me
At least

I admit

and actually
I agree

I can't explain why

Incoming birthday wishes

To the chosen one:

I wish you could act as a loving man again
Not like the last ass hole
As recently when I was so close

I wish me to not be as a whore
Giving my body to any nice man
Just to make me feel better
At time you are away

But it seems it is not possible
Because I love to keep all these lovely men around
They are only one little thing in this world
That can please me enough
To enjoy this life still
When you are not here
And when I am not sure if you care at all

Besides it is you who showed me
How free I can be
Yes you first
My sweet dirty boy
It's all your fault!
You didn't know I'll love this so much though
So I forgive you

Another thing
I wish you marry this woman who you can be totally open with
And who you love to fuck so much as me you did

But I see you have other priorities in your life
What is good and fine
What is right

And I am bad to you enough
Just so much as you
Maybe even more
So go to the hell!
My beloved

There is no way for us
Like this

I hate that I still love you
I really do

Fuck you!

Yes I wish so!

And I wish I could stop this show

But I can't
I love this madness too much
To give up
And live my life

Here is all my heart
Or maybe just a part

Who knows that?

Any way this trap
Is quite hard
To leave
Maybe because
So sweet

As the memory of you and me
It's so easy to drown in the past
And forget all life

And why not?
If there is no any chance for real us
And there is no sense
Because we wont change us
Or the past
And there is not only us
Who we have to care about

I know that
oh go away
please go away from my dreams
I can't stand this still
There is too much for us
To manage

And you
Do not want this
Just why you left again
This little doors for me open?
Don't you know
I'll look for you through them

Why don't you let me go away for good
If you don't love me enough
To act?

You even stop your talk
So what is left?

Oh yes this silly show
of mine
This drama on my site
This comedy too
This me here
For you

Who can't stop write
Like a mad


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Republika - Zapytaj mnie czy cię kocham

Licking wounds

Love is at times as a war
We are licking our wounds right now
Soon another battle can come
Who knows?
Just as on the war
We can expect everything
And we have to go for it
Because we need this

So I stay here
As before
On the scene
Of my private show
For one actor mostly
Sometimes more

Where shall I go?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All these questions

I think you do not know how much it costs me
To not send you any messages still
With all new questions I have on and on
Why you have gone?
Do you want me to go?
Don't you love me any more?
Why you left me actually?
Especially when I was so near

I have never feel I can be so far from you
Just when I was almost before your door
So I have done what I have done
And yes I know how it works
How this let you feel now
Even without telling me this
I know how it feels

Maybe you need some time just
And I give you this
Or I try to leave
When I don't believe you want me still

Just why I had to do all this
Or to dream
That I can be with you
Even for a while
Like nothing happen
Just like before

When you are fighting right now
To keep your face
Before her eyes
And I know it can be hard
Especially now when she found out
Me here...
In your life in your dream
Hidden so far so deep
For 5 years

The stone

Just why it seems you think
That I am like a stone
And nothing ever can be wrong

So it is easy for you
To go
Like nothing happen

And she will goes on
Her open story
Her empty talk

I'll try as always I'll try
No matter how many tears fell down
In mean time

I'll stay tall
and smiling still
to the end
what ever it brings

That's how I learn to live

Oh this reality

Oh this bad reality
It always spoils everything
Just why I had to lose you
Even here?

I was too bad again
Or too fast
I started to make too many moves
In to the real world
It has to scare you away

It has to be too much to gain
Or to lose

I understand now
How mad I am
To believe

It could ever be real

Our play

And see darling
What we have done
A womaniser
Dirty boy
and your naughty bitch and whore

What a beautiful couple

I will miss us now

Who can play the same
As you and me?
And to keep this so innocent still?
Just like a dream
Of perfect love

We had once and we had to lost
Oh you were here too
For sure
At least for some time
My partner in crime

But we went too far
I know
It was worth

You didnt tell me

It seems you forget to tell me
About this one little thing
That you will get married soon
Well good luck
She waits quite long
12 years
Oh amazing we are here 5 too
This time is running so fast
Don't you think so?
Amazing how long we belonged to each other here

I wonder when you decided though?
The same time you promised me this life together forever?
Or recently?
When you suddenly gone after all this mess you prepared for us both?

Any way it is good decision
I hope you can make it
She is good for you
She will forgive you all
And she wont be as me
I think
She wont hurt you as I can
Playing your own game

We were good as a dream
You can't say it wasn't nice
You belonged to me here
Quite sweet
Sometimes cruel too but mostly sweet
Yes for sure
Well such a special fantasy
It is a good thing
To live
Is in it?

Just how to release my mind now
And go to all these who wait
I think the time as always
Is the best to forget

And keep your mind and heart free
From this love which doesn't work any more

I don't know even why
And what I did
That you decided to leave
Without single word

Well all have its ways I suppose

Any way she is such a gentle lady
It was nice to talk with her
Last night

Yes good to know
Some facts

Send her my regards
and well I hope you will be allright
I wasn't able to lie to her this time though
Besides you didn't ask

Congratulations again
I am sure you tell her something clever enough
To make her wish you still
You are such a charming man
When you want this

And I am as I am

Always too free on my way

Dancing still

Teasing your dreams
Like before
Your sweet little things

Monday, 19 October 2009

A call

So it is real
You do not give a shit for me
At least I know that you live

I feel so piteous
With this
In me

Such a fool again I was here
God why it has to be so sad
Love is just overrated

So there is nothing to say more
Time to go

Sunday, 18 October 2009

leonard Cohen - the gypsy`s wife

I just need to go now
To dance and to know
The taste and the smell of this life a little bit more
After all I'll be back
I'll knock to your door
As before

Asking for love
Like a dog

And you will let me come
Because it all was written to this book
We live in

And you accept this
Because you know me enough
To let me dance


I'll be back to you
Or I'll die

Doesn't matter
I had you

So everything now
Is just a bonus
To enjoy

But l did all what I had to do
With you
I did good
All that I could

To feel you

So I go now

To enter the life

More wide

Good bye

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Vanity Fair (2004) with Reese Witherspoon Trailer

There is much of colours in life to enjoy
In each time you have something to discover and go for
yet this one is still the most precious for all
No matter where it is found and for how long
Happy are these who know its taste
Unhappy too because anything else
Can't be enough when it is lost
yet life has still its charms and joys

Of course

Of course

Just this 5 minutes too late

You are this man
Who I didn't want to do this with
But I did
So now we both have to forget
That it ever happened
Immature you can say I am
Well false signs I gave to you this night
These smiles, a little care, hugs and dance
And these five minutes you asked me to stay in your place
And few little more things
I guess
Let me do this
Make you so blind insensitive enough
To take me without my permission

Now you have to disappear from my life
Like a ghost from the past
A little scar inside my mind

We didn't really build any story between
It's all misunderstanding I think

And you
Yes you my love
This one who just left me alone
Some time ago
For all these nights

How I wish you could erase this man now
Who just came and took me
So easily
Without my wish or need

You should be there
Not he

Do you know this?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Moments of truth

At times you feel like you are a bit lost
In all these dreams that lead you through the life
Yet I hope that in the right time you know
The perfect choice
Just when you really feel it
And when you know what you want

Do not spoil these moments of truth
They are really rare
And they are good

Nothing but a heartache

Maybe you are a bit disappointed of this silence now
But how many times I can make a fool from me
In the name of this "love"
That seems to be nothing but illusion of my heart and hopes
I think it is enough for me

Yes it is baby

Just the way we are

I think you understood
What I am going to do now

And that decision was made long time ago
It's just time now
To do what I plan to do
From the start

Yes sometimes this plan
Has no sense no right time
But it is still inside

So there is no return
I suppose

Just the way
I go
For now

Sometimes only inside
Not so sure
If it is good

But this is the way you are
You can't change much of your self
You just have to accept and follow
Your way

No matter what people say
You know all answers the best
You just have to listen them
And be brave

I suppose

Is it not this what we all love to believe?
At least

Saturday, 10 October 2009

So You left

So it really happened
You left

Maybe you are right
I am not worth this pure dirty love
We fell in
Between one and the second dream