Monday, 30 November 2009

Immortal Beloved

I wish to die in your arms
Can you promise me this
My sweet?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Thousand Years

The time was never important
For us
And never will be
We are above this
In our dream of eternal love
That can'''t be crashed
By any little thing
Of our humble existance or weakness
In just one of all possible worlds
We chose to stay for a while

Saturday, 21 November 2009

How to stay young

You just count the time
From one to another event
That matter to you
Everything between
Do not exist
So you saved some of it

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

This what hurts

Any madness of your heart
Any wild fantasy
Any lover from your dreams
Present or lost one

Never hurts so much
As the pain of your child
Crying because something is wrong suddenly
Something happen to his ear

And I don't know how to help him

Good such moments come and go
And I can back to the rest
Of my world
To you
And to all other dreams too

But do not understand me wrong
I am too old to enjoy dreams by my own
They are more wishes of mine now
Something to share with the special one
Something to go for and to enjoy more
Each moment that comes for real

Not only dreams I have here

Hello my fellow

I really like to visit your home poet
It seems we live with the same madness in mind
My fellow you are
It's nice I see you are not ashamed of this
Just as me

So we can drink our cup of tea
With my honey and your creme in it
And laugh from this dream
We have here

To survive
Another day
Another love

Which is not enough
To stop
This transmission of mad heart
We both have

It is just this another side of us right?
This a bit more wild more free than we show outside
Yet still the best one we have

By the way I don't know any drug more dangerous
Than this poetry than yours or mine words

Real sweet madness to drown for good
Who cares by the way?
If we live here or we are not
It is also fun in it
It is also great

Any way
Nice to see you are writing a lot still
I am your reader every day
And I cant stop

I love your mind
Just as I love my own dreams
It is a complement I think
I'll miss you if one day you disappear
From here

Yes I will

You are one of these best daily things
I have here

Satisfaction after time

I know that sometimes at night
When you hold her and whisper to her ears
Some sweet things
Trying to get arouse both
You think of me

Yes I know how it feels
And that it is good
We all need such thoughts
Of those who are not present anymore
We all need such dreams
At times
When our road is not so clear
And yours is not

I know it
Because I am lost the same
In this dream
We were in

There is nothing wrong in dreams
I think I like to be like this
At least
It is just anoher form of existance
And it is nice to live

One of important questions

Are you still curious of me?

Next level

With some of you
I don't need to talk anymore
We know enough
Now I just wish you
To do it

We don't need more
Just this