Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hey You

I don't think so I have been changed so much
It's just that you can't look for me anymore
with love in your heart

and I understand

I know it's mostly my fault...

I am sorry

I was not strong enough

To keep this stone

Yes I did this

I killed my love

It was me who did this

Piece by piece

Using words

Using pictures too

And these actions...

Being honest like a death

With you

I did this


Maybe it was just too hard

To stand so much happiness

At times

Maybe because

I am bad enough

To do so

Maybe because we had too much time between

Too much space

I dont really know why

It happened

But I can't change this now

I went too far

And I am going still

To fulfill any silly dream

Which comes suddenly

Where could I go now

If not ahead?

Well, I can just stop, I know

But then...

Then it will be the same

Do you think I am proud of this?

No I am not

I regret

And I wont forget you

Any sweet moment we have had too


But I have to live still

With or without you here...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The variety

In fact there are only a few things that matter in all of life
And from now all depends on how you can see and feel it
How you are able to describe, talk, live by it

There are only a few things
But such a huge variety in the way we got them
Indeed there is nothing more - just this
And time to understand or spoil things

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Coming Back To Life

Indeed at the end
There is always you
Who know your self the best
So only you can understand why
Some actions was done
Some promises broken
Some feelings killed

Yes it is you who know all the story
Of your bright and dark soul
It is you
Who has to fight every day
With its own games

and try to win at the end
another day

With a little bit spice in it
To enjoy its taste
The best

Pink Floyd "Empty Spaces"

So it was me
Who killed this love

Now it's time for a little dance
In the dark

And for this feeling of being invisible

Yes it was best like this
After death there will be another life instead

Just as you said

Monday, 11 January 2010


It is the best time
For the suicide
If you plan this final act
You can simply go outside
Walk some time
Then rest in the forest
Looking at the stars
Saying your last hello and last good bye
To this special beautiful life
You have had

and die

Kind of beauty too isnt't it?
Well yes indeed nice end

Yet it's still something to do here
So there is no point to go
I'll stay in bed instead
Until I have some
So no goodbye from my side
Until there is still something to dream about
Something to follow too
Something to do

but it's nice to know
that you always have
some opportunity

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Pink Floyd - Nobody Home (The Wall Movie)

master of love

You give nothing
But it feels like it's everything
You can live for
You take away nothing
But it feels like it's everything
What was worth to live for