Saturday, 8 December 2007

You Do Something to Me

So many broken promises
You did
But all I need
Is to believe
In all of them again

It's just because you are
This perfect man for me
I wish to be with

Saturday, 1 December 2007

say hello - rosie thomas

It' just that you fill my days by something

I can't live without any more

The most important little thing

that let all system in my mind and soul work

Without this I can't handle my days

I can't feel safe

I can't enjoy all what this life brings to me

and feel happy and feel free

to go one this journey and to love

Maybe it's because…

when you once taste

this special charm of real love

anything else is not so good for you anymore

to enjoy and to go for

Maybe I could find

a bit similar atmosphere

to create this special warm in my heart,

this belief, this charm but no it's never the same

I've found you and from now

it's just so important to me

that without it

I don't feel me enough to ever move out

to live without you inside,

so I will

But oh how happy I'm to see you again so close to me

My dear, my sweet, wonderful one

Oh yes also bad sometimes but so full of charm

In each thing you say, or you do,

you are just so beautiful

Such magic I can't resist at all

So there is no more to do but enjoy and take it all

I live by this what you offer to me

To create more love, to make you warm enough

And to make you as happy as I'm right now

With you, my love.