Saturday, 19 January 2008

Paul Weller plays Broken Stones

The winter time is coming soon
Between me and you
Now all we know
Is that you are not going to come
At all
So now it’s the silence time
To forget the sadness that came suddenly
To smile again one day
Perhaps to believe
From the start like nothing happened
Like you really wish to come here
Like you really love and wish to be still
And for good
Forever mine
It’s such a sweet dream we have
So it’s not easy to leave it and go
To all these real things around
That are and will be still
For real
But you and me
Have to be silent now
To forget again
This little disappointment
This little shame
That here is just a play
But no one should know this
Yes we have to believe still
To have this
My dear
It’s such a lovely thing
So special dream

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Our love
Is as the wave
from one to another promise
I fly high to fall down
Into disappointment
but after years
I used to us like this
and I never lose my faith
That one day
We really meet
My man

And this Faith
is all my religion now
From the time
I saw you and I fell
For the miracle
Which filled me

So merrily