Friday, 7 March 2008

Sunday, 2 March 2008

In this what we do

It’s not really sex what is all about

Sometimes it’s love yes

This something special in the air

That let you sing all day

But mostly it’s relationship we learn to build

To know each other more

To go one our journey through the world

To know our selves and to share smiles and joy

That’s all we are for.

Sex is good for a while

To know if we can go further a bit

Or if it is exciting

If we can create some pleasure

And dream, some trust between

And to go one without any fear

In to this lovely trip

Between you and me

That’s all we long for.

How many lovers from the dream you can handle?

Who knows this?

I don’t, I search

Even if I know I love

This hunger to know more

Put me into another dream

To live in

It’s kind of madness maybe

But who cares of this?

If it brings nothing but smiles and tears

If it let me to see more clear

What this life is

Where is the end?

If I go to you

And stay for good

Will I close all other doors

Or I’ll cherish my dreams still

Who knows what the future brings?

Is any winner of this story of life?

Is any up and down in it?

You know that I love you

But I know also this that love

Is the shortest from never ending things

This passion between you and me

Is all what we can really win

Let’s go for it and don’t think of the rest of the world

Don’t care about any form

Just drink it

Until all is alive and full still

I know what art is

So don’t say you will teach me this

I know this life a bit

Or I can imagine and dream it

I need my freedom to live and to be back to you

To be sure you are this man I long for

You are the man I wish to own and kiss

To be with

I’m just not sure if this life

Is not too short or not too long

For only one story of love.