Wednesday, 29 October 2008

At least

Even missing you badly at times
I feel good
When I know
That you are with me still
At least
Within your dreams

Sunday, 26 October 2008


I met the woman today
She said she doesnt like any man
Why so I asked?
They hurt her and treat her badly
Don't know details
They think we are only
a sex machine, she said too
Well hard to believe somehow...
Besides we both like this game
And if we know
How to make things hot
I can't find this really bad
We can feel if someone treat us
The way we wish or not
I suppose...
But maybe I'm wrong

At the end she said
That I talk as a man
Well it's ok...

So I make angels from you?
Yes I make you beautiful for me
And then I enjoy
How good
Is all this we do from now

So I'm the man
In this woman eyes

Come my angel soon
I miss you

and don't forget to show your tusks
a bit

You know

That I like it

Easy going

We do not complicate things
We just have a little bit more
Than we had before

I didnt know it's so easy
until we met

but now
I just smile
and wait
for the next

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Some people we feel inside
No matter where they are

It's a miracle
Of life
It's what matter
And what you really have

Monday, 20 October 2008

Your loving fingers

They know so much
They know how to touch
They know how to push
They know how to rub
They know how to slip
They know how to keep
They know how to wander here and there
They know where to press
They know how to undress
They know how to caress
They know how to arouse me
They know how to make me scream
They know how to make me wet
They know how to make me wait
They know how to make me sweat
They know how to make me hungry too
They know how to make me asking more
They even know how to make me begging you to stop
They know how to make me dream on and on
They know how to make me soft
They know how to make me
The woman in love

They even know how to hurt me

Loving fingers they are


No reason

It's just our write that we share
We both long for their fingertips
(maybe you long something else

So, wandering among sweet dreams
or last pleasures
We meet here suddenly
Two souls in need
Which understand each other perfectly

Just to spend some time here
No names, no faith
Simple thoughts
To check
And to send something back
No reason
For this

but wish, a little spark
among the dark
or among all other sweet things we live with
It is good
To be here
With you
and your write too

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Who you are

You are just the right home
For my thoughts
To explode

You are the mirrow
I can see
The right pictures
Of my own dreams in

So you mix

Living here

Being the part

Of my own way

Through the light

Is it bad for you?

Is it hard?

Heavens know why

Supermassive black hole

Friday, 17 October 2008

When I'm sure

Time, place, words
Doesn't matter anymore
When we know
What we know

My own wolf

I wonder
Where is my wolf now
Is he hunting still
So busy with a new dream to gain?
Or with all these things around him?
To arrange, to catch, to keep?

I love to imagine his life still
Even if it is so closed to me here
I do not belong to this forest he own
I know
So I do what I want
In my own world
He will come again
One day
Wolves like to be free
But this one still belongs to me
What is sweet


I like when you do so
I mean
This little move of the chair
Which you put near mine
To come closer a bit

Just some little smile
During a long day
You bring
By your fresh touch
of new story
That could start
At least
Our minds

Travelling in your mind

You seem angry a bit
Being now a piece of this dream
Used in a bad way perhaps
Waiting still for scaps
To serve back
Your wonderful mind
Created for my pleasure
Right now
Yes I love to live here
Inside you
And mix you and him
Do what you want now
I'm not afraid
I enjoy your part
and I'm glad
to find you

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008


There is silence
On your site
When I don't write

Friday, 10 October 2008

This never ending story

Hey you - the Lover
I know you exist for me
Only when you feel that I need this
So don't think
I forget about you now
I just know
That we have the time still
So I wait
And play here
You know how I love this world
My waiting room
Is still full of dreams about you


Yes I love all these
Sweet little stops
Swimming in your mind creations
When I imagine my self as this mermaid
Who sing for you
Another song
Leading you to a secret death
That you could drown once again
In this irresistible charm
Of immortal belife
That we can wake up
Just to dream
To get lost
One more time

The circle of our needs never ends
So we are here
Again and again
Having hope for more

That is how it goes
That is how I love

You here

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


You answer
Of my inner questions
Like you are living
Inside me
You know the best what I need
You are waiting
On your golden branch
Keeping lookout on me
Touching dreams
This mad atmosphere

I like you here

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Are you still hungry?

Yes you can do it

With passion

Your special inner charm

Beautifully and strong

With all this what you can give

So naturally to me

But if there is no real care

For today for us

You know

It seems a bit sad

After all

And I become calm

Wishing less

I just wait


I learn

To live


For months

For years


Is this patience good

For this love?

Can passion survive

In hibernation?

Well we will see

My belove

Are you still hungry

As you were before?

your call

You let me do bad things my beloved

I know you enjoy this sweet little crimes

Which flow from your to my soul

To raddle us together for good

In the secret

We can’t share with anyone

Flair mind you are

And I can’t say no

When I love

So we go



Right now