Sunday, 11 January 2009

It's love what is perfect not we

Do we have to be perfect
To love?
Always true to each other always good
I don't think so
It's love which is perfect for us
To catch each moment it comes
Each smile, longing, desire
Is love possible to get for good?
I don't know this yet
I know how it is
To have it inside
And smile with it and cry
And live and fly
And go on, break sometimes too or lost
Or love more than one
It's so floating sometimes

Yes but some stay for good
At least inside our soul
I call it the miracle
I call it sweet love
I hide it or I show
Depends, the time is always a part of it
And me and dreams too and memories of course
And life goes on from one to another corner
From one to another love
The circle again the way to follow
We never know we will stay or we have to go
We can comeback too, I am sure
All depends of the flow and us and this what do we want
And how we can see each other
As always the same, I know...

But it's how it goes
With me and you
Let's fly let's love
Whatever it is
It doesnt matter at all
No definitions we need
To enjoy this what we can have in this world.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


You want me to be yours
But not with you now
You want me to be a whore
And a Saint of course
Never look for another man
or yes I can
In your fantasies
I can fuck them all
Just to turn you on
And me
Yes it's sweet of you
I have a right to pleasure
I have a right to smile
I have a right to dance
as you wish as you play
when you came here
to look
then all is broken again
then you feel hurt and me
complexive nature
don't you like this?
I though you do
So it's broken now
Of course
but you say you will miss me
you will I am sure
and I will
Thats how is it
We can't do anything