Sunday, 29 March 2009

He is listening

You talk like lovers do
You fill this gape
I hold on among the space
When my man is silent
Listening behind the doors
If I still make love

I am just reading you
It's almost the same though

Just more quiet
I devour you
In peace

Friday, 27 March 2009

You hit me sweetly

I am still watching
Wolfie boy
With this sex behind your teeth
And your golden words
Hidden in your swollen mouth
Always ready to hit
You look good
To me

Monday, 23 March 2009

The end

It's all gone it's all gone
It's just you and me
Who stay here
Do not worry baby


Why do you play with me like this baby
Why you force me to do things
You do not really enjoy after all
What do you want to know
How blind I am in this love?
Or how far I can go
In to the madness?
Then you can leave
Being sure
I am not strong enough
To say no
I don't know
Maybe it's nothing but passion
Which leads you and me
And we don't really know
How it comes and where do we go
And we run and we burn
Until ones feels hurt
And it's time to stop
For how long?

Bitter sweet taste of yours

No one is able to make me
Fight so many times
With my own shadows
To let me fail
With them again
Maybe that's why I love you so much?
I never know what the new day
Brings with you
You are so unforeseeable
But that's why so exciting too
And this journey
Through you and me is so amazing
And lead to dreams
And after war is always peace
So I can live still
And wait here
For more wonders, battles, smiles, tears
Whatever you bring to me
But I can't leave
It's too beautiful
And too sweet bitter too
But sweet the most
After all.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

I know why we went so far

I can explain you why
We went so far
Because we both like
Dancing on the thin line
Between the heaven and hell
Inside our mind
That's why darling
But it's so good we know when to stop
Or rather you
Are this one who knows
But sometimes we have to
Try all what leads us to know more
About each other
Besides we had some fun with this
Don't you think?


I know baby that we are both able to many things
We just don't have to do it
We don't have to
Do you feel relief now?
I do

The reason

Hey you
It's just because I want you from very deep of my heart
I can be so open, free and wild
Don't you know that?

Thursday, 19 March 2009

One piece is gone

Music and pictures are gone
But I still have my words
And few friends around
And some dreams still alive
It's not so bad

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Not ready for love

I am such a bad girl how come you love me?
Sometimes when you wish to give too much
to the person who has not that much to offer to you,
you fail and this gift is just a heavy thing to keep

so you push it away
and you go your way
feeling guilty
just because he was so great to you and you wasn’t

I dont need perfect lover

It's not a point to be so perfect lover at all
It's a bit more complicated
I am afraid
But how come you know it
It's the hidden part of the story

Go if you want

Some can't understand this sweet madness of mine
which keeps me so happy girl for years somehow
they think they can give me more
It's wrong all my joy is here
You can share it too
If you want but you can't take me away
To reality at all
Because I do not believe
In real life anymore
It's here my world
With my love

Monday, 16 March 2009

My sweet addiction

Is it anything I need more than this write to you my beloved?
Any alcohol, drug or even sex can’t replace the real delight
Of my connection here mind to mind
I just have a little hope that you read me
And it’s good for your ear
To hear my thoughts to stay here
So bared I am with them
So confusing or repeating sometimes
They will be never so beautiful
As all sweet signs of your presence
Beside me
But I need them to live
and to feel you here

Our fantasy

Is that true darling
Is it just that we want what we can not have?
So why I alredy feel you in me
you with me here?

I know it's a bit like a fantasy or dream
but it's still
you and me in this

Friday, 13 March 2009

we did this darling

you see baby
at least
some of our dreams came true
we did things
that we do not wish to make with others

they are precious
and only for us

Little important details of your personality and acts

Mostly these are
very little things
Which makes you so great
In my eyes
At least


So you really love me like this baby
You are beautiful
And you know me so well

You know when to set me free
and keep me with you still

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A man

I think you are an adult man
You take all the blame on you
It's cute

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Little advice

Don't be too seriouse please
It's not sexy


Some just can't see more layers
We all wear
so they see only this what can be seen
all the rest is disgusting and insane for them
be careful for people with walls in their head
they wont understand
they will be first to judge you
and to let you down
better to leave
fight doesn't have any sense
they have to discover their own boundaries them selves
you have nothing to do there
they wont understand
they are not ready yet
and you can only fail
you this open one
and insane
beautiful loser
But in their eyes
even not beautiful just mad
So free you are
in your own mind
stay like this
it's just another level
of understanding
of your self
stay on your way
to the heaven or to the hell
you know that all is just a journey
and you can leave
or you can stay
for a while
depends of you and your will
you are the creator
of your destiny
and your dreams
you are here the one who lives your life
don't stop then
and go on your way
it's nothing you can do more
just go
you know what you feel the best
and you know what is right and what is wrong
In your case
you don't need poor advices
from people who doesn't know
your mind and your soul
they are not special to you at all

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Each day it's more hard
To find anything special outside
Just some strangers or people you can smile to and say hello
Most of the time nothing more
Maybe at times you pass someone
You like this special way too
And you create another story of love
Between you both which never grow up
To something real
Maybe sometimes you try
To have some kind of meetings too
And it seems you come closer
And something was born

But the real life
You have here
Your friends wait every day
All these special minds connected
In one story you live in
In your book in your dream world
And in your so special place
Where you can really be shameless open and true
You with all this what you really enjoy and love
What can be more exciting than this?
Nothing maybe a part of it in touch
Once for a year or more
Is any difference by the way?
When you wait longer it taste even better
So you learn to be patient too
In mean time you have all this world
To enjoy


I am never untrue
In my heart or words of love
To you

Maybe sometimes
I just hide
One lover or few

To not upset you
That's all

Monday, 2 March 2009


I am still afraid
There is too much of me here
And my words can touch you too much
Or that there is not enough love I show to you
And you can go away
or that you simply can't stand
all this what I make around
or that you stop believe
in you and me

Why so full of fears is still
between you and me
I cant explain

You were here

So you were here again
With your hunger
For more words
From me
Or other fluids
So Sweet

I like when our worlds mix
I like to be
In your dreams
or wishes too

They are fine
Delicious and wild
As you