Sunday, 30 August 2009

A. Krzysztoń "Miła" (Kedvra)

Too many words can spoil this i know

Too many words my darling
I have still too many words
It all doesn't matter
Her reasons
I know

I don't want to spoil this all
Before it comes
Let me stay silent now
You know that I like this
And I do enjoy
Each of your thoughts
So just wait now
Stay calm

Just these smiles inside
You can keep
Your lover is amazing still
So you can live
By this dream

In to your world

Not too many answers I really need from you
I just enjoy I can dance still
When you are near
With all your world too
That you want me to accept and to love

Maybe it's just because
It's you
Who let me feel this
What I need
Let's dance my love
Still as you wish as you play
And you dream of
This music is good for both
Maybe for three too or more?
Who knows

Let try for now
What can happen next
Time will show
I suppose


Is it not too big crowd
You let me in suddenly to enjoy?

Who knows
For now I am surprised enough
To smile and to agree
Just to try something else a bit
What is behind
And how it can be
With you like this
My sweet?
Again you let me wish
Something more
Than I thought so far
I can do
That is good
And complexive enough
To drown in it

and to dream still

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Satine the sparckling diamond

Los Angeles

Los Angeles came to me


Full of surprises this life is still

For me

It's sweet


It is

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Profession of love

"And you wont have any gods before me"

I am your goodness
And you are my lord

From now we can enjoy the world

As it is written in the old book

of love

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Islands and cities

Sometimes I live on the desert island
After this I back to the cities of thousand lovers who try to reach me
Promising kisses and sweet dreams and cute things I can take going with them

And it's all good until I can reach your island
And you among the crowd

Monday, 3 August 2009

Moments are good yet not enough

Yes some moments in space are wonderful
And still worth to go for
Yet this immortal hope
For eternal joy
Is better

It's like a sweet dream
You can feed each moment
Of your life
And smile inside
The big internal light

Is this what you own
And this makes you rich
As nothing else ever could make it

No one can take it from you too
So you are the king
Of life
And this is what is great
In that

Little big things

Sometimes just a second
Is enough that little things
Grow up enough
To kill

Good if you are in time
To pass this short time
And live
And back to normal
Like nothing never happen

And small things are small
As they were before


I love to imagine my self
That it is you
Who still look at me