Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Still recently

I try to not hurt you by words recently
Telling you still the truths about me
But I know that I always do
I follow these eyes of yours
Wandering among screen news and memories
And I can feel these scarves
I paint in your soul

but then I just try to let you know
How much I love and want you
I let you smile
From all these emotions you still create
Each day

Just staying silent...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

audrey horne at one-eyed jack's

Do you know what is making love
Without touch?

Are you good in this?

You should practise

Not everyone was born to this
But when you try

You will love it

It opens so many possibilities
and is wide as your dreams

oh please do it again

please here

yes here

Blue Velvet - Mysteries Of Love

In this world of illussions
These are moments
You wish to dream forever

Is this what you mean by Light and Darkness
That is only one way
For us

or something else?

You know that my only way is dance
and then
Contemplation of these moments

And I need my mysterious world
Like the real touch of love
At least from time to time

and I can go with everyone
if it only tease your mind

and make you mine

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

walk on the wild side ~ lou reed

How far I will have to go this time
and survive?
Is there any other option for us now?
Is it something more interesting in life
Than this little walk we have from time to time?

Maybe just this while
When you have your plan
To take me to the darkness
and we can feel the light
Just why it is so short
This little spark?

You know I am hungry more
So I have to go
To the dark side

You are welcome
If you still can enjoy
My world
Like that

You know that this longing for you is killing me
the same as it gives me force
There is just less and less days to the end
So it is not enough
Just to wait and dream
I need something real

But what can be more real
Than this what I feel being with you?
Oh I will seach I will search
Something beautiful
Will I find it?

I don't know
I just can't only wait

Just don't leave me my love
Don't leave no more

Michele Mercier (Angelique) - ,,My Skin"

You know my beloved that this world has still so much to discover
And I have to go to another trip soon
Just look at me as I was a little character in this book
And you know that I will seek for you
Wherever I go
Because it was you who touch the beauty of my body and soul
With a grace and with love
To let me dance like noone before
I will be back as always I do
And you know why
You always knew

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing - Chris Isaak

So we back to our old game darling

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Katyn Andrzej Wajda Film (english version)

yes it is horrible what happened recently in this place
the only good thing is that we could finish this tragic chapter of the history
and make this case cry out loud one more time
for the truth nothing more
to let all who died to stay in peace for now
and to start from the beginning
the new life

remember that after rain there is always a sun
so dont cry forever
all who lives dont have the right
to waste their time for sorrows

it's not the way to go for too long
it's just a grave and death
to follow

Friday, 16 April 2010

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Poetry and the story

After time this poetry shows less and less
Of the real story hidden behind her back

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Love and me

I know I should lie to you
But I can't

Sunday, 11 April 2010

More of sharing

I know it is selfish
But it's such a difference
When it is me who share some of these sweet details
With someone like you who I know wish to be close
And who enjoy each moment of intimacy
We can feel together sharing whatever

And it all turns in smiles
or even excitement at times

and we just know
what it is all about

building another story
even without any intention
it just comes whenever we meet
That's it

I know you are there some nights

Some nights I can feel you are there wolf
I am just not ready yet
To come

My head is too busy
and my thoughts still belong to another man

Yet each time we meet
I am happy you are here
Waiting and leaving your footprints
In my longing town

One day our time can come
For now only these few smiles we always feel
Can save us close to each other

I know you want more
That's why I can't come

Just hard to find the time

Why do you think your love story details could be interesting to me to listen?
I dont feel anything to you and I am not interested of all these quite boring details sorry
But of course if you need you can share and I can tell you what I think to help
But no it is nothing I really enjoy to know honestly

My own love life is enough fulfilling journey, so it is hard to find the time for someone else stories

Saturday, 10 April 2010

About death and hope

Death - just the end of this play
But don't worry if your faith is strong
And you are good you have a chance
To go to the second lavel

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

YouTube - Kanał użytkownika annaela35

YouTube - Kanał użytkownika annaela35

I think we are both mad enough
For each other :)

Matter of love

It seems that there is so many definitions of love
As people involved
And so many of them seems so wrong

So what?

It's still this thing that we are looking for
No matter how strong we pretend that we don't
No matter how many times we try and we are broke

Love still flowes
As the river of light
Through our life

We can't stop it no matter how much we try
We don't even know where it leads us
To the end or to another wonder land

Love and death

You are only one man who's hand I could die from and still keep smiling
Love is so close to death

You can feel happy to die when it is needed
as you can feel death in you when it is gone
This love

Amazing it is
And so full of surprises

There is still something to live for
and enjoy
Like your breath inside my mouth and the taste of your tongue
or the way you touch me telling me what you want to do to me
and how gentle you are with this and brutal too
Just amazing how you make me feel so good, so yours

I have never met anything more delicious on my way
Than you

So far

Golden words

Two Gold maxima of our love:

"I don't trust you because I know you"

And whatever we do together and no matter how far we go through this you can always say:

"I haven't done anything what you didn't ask for"

And it's true you prefectly know me and this what I want you to do to me

You perfectly know how to make me feel good being beside you

Thats why I want you