Saturday, 27 November 2010

About some wonderful things

You know what is wonderful between us Darling?
That whatever we do
Even being hard at times, bad, impossible, wrong
Or not being at all for long
Still whenever I see you
I can feel like this adventure just began
and it's so exciting and so good
To be near you
And this mix of smiles and tears inside
And this comfortable confidence
That I am beautful for you
Yes it is sure
In your smiles it is
And in the way you kiss

I can't explain this well
But it's just
That anything else
Doesn't really matter and doesn't compare
And we can do or say whatever
It'd change nothing at all

Smiles and tears will go on

Sinners and honest men

Sinners and honest men
Will never understand each other

So better if the stay away
And play different games

They are not friends

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

We become more cruel with time

We are getting to be a bit cruel
With time
Did you notice?

Keeping these little sorrows
Years by years
We do not even know
When it starts

You have to be ready
To face this now

On this stage of life
We are

After all we went through
You should be aware

What I can do to you
When I feel not enough