Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hidden things and exceptions

Generally I don't like hidden things
At all
Except these few
That I share with you

Saturday, 26 March 2011

You look like rain


I need to be like an open book
You need to be a secret lover though

and we both respect each other
This way love turned into signs in space
And our minds create magic to live by
Just like a faith
and hope

It is somehow wonderful
and you know that magic is all I can believe in
especially this one that we can feel

The slight differences

I am trying to save this all
What you are trying to hide

From some point of view
I can see kind of cooperation between us
In this matter

I will save all this what you will lost
and you will save all other things around

Thank you

The importance

Nothing is more important
Than this what can happen
Between us

If it isn't
It means
That nothing really happens

Don't you know?

Am I able to hurt you?

If the answer is YES

so you are the right one

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pain of love

This love seems painful at times yes
I didn't know though how much this beautiful pain I need
to live
until we've met

You touched me virtually

You touched me virtually
One more time my magical boy
You know well how to keep this madness in heart

I wonder how many songs you have still in hand
to make me yours
and so in love with you


how I love this word
Used for you

Even if some say
it never works this way

I love it
and I wait

for more


that comes

from the sound of you

my man,
my ghost of love

the spirit I keep in me

to live

I need to put a spell on you every day new

I have a spells in my head
That need to spread
Like I want you to be mine
Like I need you to be here
In any form avaiable
You can be a link in net
A sound of the song you send on your site
A message
A hope for a meeting
A trill of the sight of you
But you have to be near
With me

Because I don't know if I could ever enjoy this world
Without you

So I will spread this song
To keep you with me
Just like this
In my dreams still
Until another day will come

A day for us
and our love
in touch

A difference between the war and you

The topic of war can be interesting for a day
to recognise situation see whose decision I accept less or more than all I can do is to let others decide about the shape of the world and the number of killed or survived

But the topic of you is eternal
I can study you through years and each day seems different and more fascinating and new pictures of us coming to my head and new dreams are born and I can fulfil life by this colourful influence of your spirit to my soul and live by this forever
waiting another touch

Oh what the war than means until it doesn't touch my own life or yours?
Just a bad news

Thursday, 17 March 2011

My fresh breeze

I love the way you are for me
This fresh breeze in the air
You gonna make me smile
Each time I see you here
You make me feel
Young forever with you
A dancing girl
Just as I love to be

My dear boy
My dream

go on

please :)