Sunday, 28 October 2007

sting - shape of my heart

I love you like this, don’t you know?
I love when you are open
And that you say what you want
I love when you are as you are
So free, so wild even so bad sometimes
I’m happy when you are not afraid
To be to me like that
And if you feel you went too far
I like yours I’m sorry too
I love all of you
This sweet, tender one
And this bad, passionate, emotional
I love when you are you with me
And I appreciate this, my dear.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

I always know
When you are on the other side
I just come on this site
Always in the right time
We almost don’t speak on line
Maybe it’s just too hard
We are too much in love
So it’s better just like this
Yes messages are nicer for now
More safe
To not crash anything
We have.

You came then
Oh you know
How much you get on me still
But at the same time it’s so easy
To destroy this
But yes I love
You still
Yes, yes
We are as one
My love, my man
Nothing has changed
Come to me again
One day
I long for it
And I live
For this

Leonard Cohen Avalanche

My love
I wish to be only
A reason to smile for you
But sometimes
I’m afraid that
Whatever I say or I do
Is touching you
Not the way I wish to
So tender is this
Little commitment
So fragile
I have to be careful more
For this what I say
Each word, each action
Can be too much to stand
Can let you feel down
And this is the last thing I want

Never Ending Road by Loorena Mckennitt

So naturaly it comes to me
The way you touch
My dreams
The way you create me
As a girl
So wanting you still

the smiths _ stop me

Your poetry
Talks to my senses
Your visions have so much
Lovely tasting smells of life inside
Your love is
Full of charming things
I could not see here
If not you and your words
So sweet to me
Which get on my senses
As nothing else
I love when you talk to me
Like this
I love the light you bring to my life
I love this desire I have
From the time I saw you
First time
And I love to live
With the sight of you

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Bitter Moon - Mimi's dance

It's all because of you, my darling
If my life seems to be a wonderful one
It's just because I found you
If my words can touch you and give you warm
It's because you lighted me for you
If I'm special for you I feel this way too
And I smile but I'd never be like this if not you,

My love
I'm alive because of you
Because of this what I feel to you
And because of this open book
I write still and I wish, I wish so much to be here
I don't know when and how we meet
One day but, me too, my love
I wish this so much and I live for this right now
Just as for another smile from your side

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avalon -

All the truth

What the truth are you looking for
Just take me and you will see it
Within my eyes, baby
All the truth
Is this what turns you on
What makes you feel
This way as you feel right now
So happy with me somehow
So come on stop these silly talks
About the philosophical aspects of the world
About this special place which not exists at all
Don't say that you look for the challenge in me like this
Just come and take me
In your words, in your thoughts, in real
The way is the best for you and me
Occasionally or still,
No matter how you wish and dream
What kind of truth
Do you want to know more?
Just come and take me, honey
You've won me already
With this big lottery of thoughts
So you can have this what you want
You were brave enough
To stay my love

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Best Love Scenes on Cinema

And again
All I can do my man
Is just to dream
Of our sweet love
We have here
In our lovely trip
Through you and me

And all I wish
Is just that you could
Take a pleasure from me
So in love with you

Oh, down to earth
It’s so hard to be
When you are near

Reamon supergirl

You make me wanting to be
This one special girl
You can see like this
You dream of, my sweet
How I wish to be
This one you are looking for
This one so gorgeous, so sexy
And so warm
Who is burning under the first touch of your glance
On her always naked body for you
Waiting to be seen, to be touched more
By your lovely flying soul
That let her feel so good

Just as I feel right now watching
Your charming dreams here
My dear