Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Open days

I wonder If I am predictable for you
Oh yes I am as a life is
With a little help of my friends just

Monday, 25 May 2009

Who knows

Maybe it was even the part of your plan
To let me leave you alone for good this time
So you have what you want
I hope you will enjoy this more
Than this me and you

Time to go our separate ways

Is there any life outside of you?
Can I still enjoy all things around?
Well I hope
Because I don’t feel you are beside me
For real
I have to live my self
Yes these moments with you
I can't compare to anything I had so far
Yes this is real love
But maybe
I can live still
Having you as a memory and little dream
When there is no need in you
To be with me for real
I have to go now I think
And try to have fun in this life still
Love to you is not all I can enjoy
In this world
I hope
I wont beg you to be mine
All the time
It doesn’t work
It’s not attractive to you
And it’s tiring for me
To live just by illusions
You share from time to time
To feed my dreams and to keep me still
Ready for you
And full of love

Free again

I think that you are not ready yet
For this relationship to build anything real
I feel free then
To take all that this life gives to me
I know you are near
It's enough for me

Saturday, 23 May 2009

This Mortal Coil - With Tomorrow

Nothing but

There is nothing else I wish to be
Than the beauty you have in your dreams
And you long for in the morning

You and death

Yes I know about your fascination of death
But for me at least in this particular moment in time
It's nothing but the end of the journey
And I am more interested
How to fulfil each day I still have
Than explore this what I don't believe
Is something more
Than rest
So forgive me I wont follow you here
We can meet again when you are thirsty life
Which you can squeeze from my lips or other things I hide
Or show depends
Of the time my mood and your talents

Friday, 22 May 2009

The reason of silence

So it is burst appendix of your son
That let you be away
Oh I should know
When to stop
I am so sorry to be so mad for a while
and for my worries too
It's just because I am lost each time
You are gone without any word
I hope he will be fine

I am happy to know

He will be good soon
I am sure

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Calm down

I think you don't want too caring
and needy me in your life
So I calm all emotions down
Let's forget about each other for a week or more
And live our lives just
As we never exist
As we never have met
Yes let's try like this
Life still has its charm
Even when you are not around

Do I believe in this now?
Well I try
I don't need to fly high
All the time
So I calm down

Turning into the dream of life
Or simple things I have still here
I can do them with smile still
So it's true it's just the mind
That let us feel so good or so bad
We can create peace inside as well

For how long?
Just as it needed I suppose
To next time
You are around

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

So you live

Emergency you said
Well at least you live
Good to hear

Bad boy still
How do you suppose I could share life with you
If you just left like this

So I see nothing has changed
Things come and go
As this short slight attraction we build
At times we meet
Just to keep it for long

But how about every day?
Are you sure it'd work this way?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


The right touch

And I show you how much love is inside me
How deep you can go and it seems there is no end in it

The wrong touch

And I am not here anymore


Yes men are not perfect
And we can lost them suddenly
That's why they are so beautiful
And we have to enjoy each special moment
That comes with them and goes too


We are so selfish in love
Only because I feel it to you
I wish that you look at me and see me
The same way I see you
So perfect, so beautiful
The best one for me
Whatever you do
Yes I wish to believe you see the same in me
Because I know that you love
You showed this to me not even once
And I remember this and I will be
So selfish as I am still.


I know that situation doesn't look good
You were wonderful as always you
And I was in heaven
For this little moment in space again
To be now where I am

And I still feel this real light
Only when you are beside
Even if now
There is no you so suddenly
Without any warning without any word
What were happened?
My love
Where are you?
Don't you remember that I live for you?
What to do now?
I don't believe in any doubts
From all around
I know I saw and felt your touch your sight your love
You must be for me still
Just disappeared
But it can't be for long
I don't believe that you have been gone

why too

So you disappeared again
That's why baby
I need to keep all around
To survive
With this wonderful you
Within my world but
Without you inside and beside me
Most of days that I live here

Friday, 8 May 2009


You ask me why
Not only you and him
Well as you know
In each story
We need more plots to enjoy

Besides they are only slaves of mine
You are my master and slave in one
That's why
Forgive me my nature and this charm
I still splash to them somehow
Soon it all can disappear
When I close my book
When I stop breath
By love
By you

So for now I just enjoy
This what life has to offer to me
But it's you who are my dear love
I wish to drown for good and forget the world

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The reason

I need to be with you
You are only one
I am able to fly with
And flying
Is only one thing
I really enjoy
In this world

Sunday, 3 May 2009

My dream and me

How do you think
We can be friends still
If you wish to kill my dream
Don't you know
I do not exist without it?
You can kill me the same
It's not any difference for me
Life without him
Is nothing