Saturday, 19 December 2009


I'm not speaking
With men
Who are not on the same level of naughtiness
As I am

The Common Sense
I have enough at work and at home

Here is free space
For something else
Something more
I guess

So go away from me
All reasonable only good men!

You just spoil the atmosphere
On my dream land!

All the rest
Who know rules and the time when they should be broken
And who know what I mean

Come in :)

And feel at home

Monday, 14 December 2009

This little book to fulfill

I wonder if this what I do
Makes you feel more horny
Or rather sick though

But I don't care
It's just my way to go
You have nothing to do with this
For now

Even if you still live


I know it seems that I am a bit cruel for you
Maybe it's just because

You already know


To one of wolves

Sometimes when you come here
I see
You just check if this is the right moment for you
And after few words you know
It is not
So you go away
To check again
After year

Your meal


Is sometimes simple joy from little signs I can see
And faith that you still live there for me

Monday, 7 December 2009

Groovy Kind Of Love

I love when you said last time
"You don't have to be polite Anna
I love you"

You know that either you
And you are not

We are just as we are
You hidden at times
Me open wide

Each have its ups and downs
I know honey I know
This even too much
At times

But it is fine
It is this mystery on the way that leads us
This is all the fun in it
Isn't it?

Oh darling it all seems ok until I feel love in the air
But what if this all disappear one day?

What will stay?
The memory of glorious ancient times

So it worth
Yes it is worth

To jump now
In to the life
Just as we can just as we want
and smile and cry feeling all this again and again
Because there is still nothing else

Worth while more
I suppose...

Except one thing...

But you are not here

Friday, 4 December 2009


My dear man
I wonder if one day
After another ages flow
You just stand on the scene
To sing the song
For me

I'll be back hearing your voice
I'll be back
Of course

Each way has its beginning
and the end we both see the one

You and I in song


So I'll be back hearing your voice
I'll be back
Of course

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hard to say

Did I break your heart again
For good perhaps
Or did I make you laugh?

I hope this second more
Yet you have been gone
So I am not sure how bad I am for you