Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Leonard Cohen - I'm your man

In love
There is not a point
To be always so perfectly honest and true
To each other

More it's to feel comfortable being as you are
And still feel safe that whatever it can be
All will be fine
And you are still the right one
And dear
For him

And the same from another side

Of course
That's how it works

Yello - Out Of Down

Friday, 23 July 2010

Differences between some women and men

Some men try to get so many women as they can
Some women try to not have so many men as many try to get them

It seems all the rest doesnt have so much to do
On this field so they have some rest

All can change in time
But the rule seems general
Though not for all

Anyway it's a bit funny
And let's run or run away or rest
Depends from time and place and needs
Yet still we keep this play
Or observe
To really live

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Yello - You Better Hide (Extract of Touch Yello)

I think that ready scenarios are not good to me
I do not enjoy to act in them like this
I like unexpected things to feel
that comes suddenly
so you never know
what it can be

I am sorry

My Grand book of Wishes

First of all
I wish you to follow my thoughts
Even these silly, boring, repeating ones
With these all errors I do
And that you try to understand them all
I know it is all mad at times
Touching too and it makes you feel
Bad or good
But you have to look

You have to look at me
Without it it's nothing here

And love is just the word
Without the real background

And I wish it was true
This all you
Not only the moment in space
For naive silly whore
Who is looking for something
She should not
No this I don't want

I wish few things more
But this I wrote before
So you know

And I wish this one night too
With you

And that you massage my feet
Being again so caring and sweet
Telling me all I want and need to hear
Making me yours for good
Yes this I wish the most

And that all you say was true
And that I was able to catch this somehow
and never lose

And I wish to be more sure
Of tomorrow
With you

Monday, 19 July 2010


Life is evolution
But you missed my direction
So it seems I go alone
In to the unknown | zoom | a noc coraz bliżej ......: "Strona — wysłana za pomocą Google Toolbar"

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avalon - Summer Wine

Another summer came
And you so sexy man
Who can have every woman
Of this world
If you only want

Just what for?
If it's hard to keep
Even this one

Anyway it's all fun
Nothing more

So enjoy the summer

My love

Sunday, 4 July 2010

I wish we could do something still

My darling man
Before we leave this world
I wish we could do something beautiful
It can be a book, a song or our home
Because as we both know
We are only guests on this planet
And our journey is in the middle of the way
If we have a chance
So still so much and so little time left
To put our footprints our little bricks
On the wall
Until we say goodbye

But before we start
To do this something great
We can meet at least
For a cup of tea or a drink
What do you think?

About Love again

Yes it must be true
Love is just a magical, fragile, intimate
experience of your own soul
It’s good if you have possibility to express this somehow
To share with this one
Yet you must be careful
Too much love can be hard to stand
I suppose
So just dance in your heart
And learn how to not scare away
This someone you care
This delicate sound is the best to gain
Not too loud not too much
Just dance inside first
Enjoy or suffer and play inside
With the feeling that comes so rare
Sometimes stay silent too
If it works good
It is fragile thing
This love
More waiting in this than fight
It comes naturally
In sounds, touches and kind of wisdom
Don’t make a noise
Just listen its voice
And never use force
Rather a beautiful song
To let her know
That you love

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The story of life

Well in fact
it's nothing but the story of meetings, leavings and its consequenses

Friday, 2 July 2010

OSHO: Behave As if You Are the First Here

Yes making mistakes is a human thing
The point is to know or to learn
When and how
Turn around

To stay on your way
This right one
With enjoyment and song and dance

Just to make few more footprints
In this book of life
Making it more precious more wide or funny too
Before we leave
For good