Thursday, 19 May 2011

Life and dreams

The point is that in the particular case and in this stage of life
I do no longer wished to dream only
I have been doing this for years and suddenly I needed some change
That I shouldn’t..perhaps I know but…sometimes we need this
So now some dreams are only a step away from the actions I wish to make..and I do
In to the right direction that follows my needs but of course anything ever in life
Is not so easy nor so clear
And our steps should come naturally sometimes accidentally, just in time too, if they don't
All seems ruined and not worth to try to go for anymore
But these are emotions we can't always hide nor erase
Especially standing face to face
With these we wish to be perfectly real with
So all goes wrong at times
And there is nowhere to go after all
Nor even dreams stay in you
Except some of this we still feel inside
The regrets, and thoughts, some decisions that we make
Each day seems so different this way
Life flows with all its surprises again
To give us new inspiration and terms to come with
Here or there well it all just flows away
Nothing is stable, nothing will remain
Just these few feelings inside
Few broken dreams, few scars and some good memories too
Oh life, there is still so much ahead
There is also an experience behind
And this is what is all about
In fact

and you
you just hurt by this never ending fake you make
you are just a bigger dreamer than I
That's why
we can't fit right
Even if all seems so sweet at times
in a dream land
you helped me to create
once upon a time
it's nothing but a tell story
and well
it came to end
when I wakened up again

I tried so hard
to catch the dream
like it was real
you are nothing but a rain drop
and the charm splash
when I try to have you for real
then you disappear
tears remain

that's how it is with you
and this life and dreams too

I was silly again
How silly I was
I am afraid...
too bad

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