Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I love to belong to you

If you only know how wonderful is to belong to you
You wont say such silly things like this
I'll never have enough of you
My beloved
Whatever you do to me
Whatever you say or let me do to you
I'll always ask for more
I'll be grateful
That you came that you enjoyed me
Even if I'm not always able to do all
As you say so
But I try and I do enjoy
Your sweet imaginative mind
And all this charm
Between us and all this love

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Another trip to favourite city

Soon she will walk again
Through the passage of her entire dream
How it's sweet

Time to go far a bit

I am not another sheep in your garden my friend
Nor the flower which you love to watch and smell so much
I am free now and I don't need any herd man
I need my wolfish dark angel now to play with
I need him to fulfil the wildest dreams
And to spoil me or to save me
I need his power to live still
And to give

So it's time to go far a bit
We have different needs inside
So we can't walk hand in hand

We missed at nights

I am just afraid my darling man
That when I dream of you
You can come in mean time
And I wont even notice
You were here
To devour me sweetly
For real
I fell asleep
And You wasn't able
To take my soul with you
As you love
So disappointed you can be
This way
My beloved

You know

It's you who are my man for good
It's you who I belong to
It's you who I really want

All other dreams
Fulfil me still
To make me
Perfect one
You can drink every night
And feel enough delight
To never stop
And to live for this

Did you come to save me ?

Nice to see you again
Wolf man
I know you just passing on
My desert land
But we both know
There are some dreams
That we could give
To each other
We can smell them
In the sight
Of our footsteps

Yang Ing

It's so good
To find each other
Now we can build
Our heaven and hell
Our castle and immortality
On the island of our dreams and reality

That's how we've found each other

In this ocean
Of differences
It's so good
To find
Another Island
Of similarity


From the first day
I came to this world
I know
What I am living for


There is no other Power
I can believe anymore
This sweet one hidden
In your lips and palms
Leading me
To real pleasure
And forgiveness

Friday, 24 April 2009

Old Polish dreams

Here they are
Some little memories
Of glorious ancient ages
My homeland

Fellows in dream land

Some of us have a very special dreams
Like you and me
and there

My demented dark attraction

You seem to know well what attract the woman as me
I wonder where and how we can follow each other here
Yes you are special to me and I do enjoy your die-hard mind
I feel comfortable and familiar within its horny sight

I'll read you more
If you let me do so
It's delicious thing to eat and to live for

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Me and my man

You may lead me to good and to bad as well
And it doesn't matter
Where we go
It's just your charm I feel
Nothing more

Monday, 20 April 2009

Me and poet

You seem to be cruel and honest enough
To get my attention and respect

He and you

I am sorry to say so
But you are nothing but a jealous man
With spirit not big enough
To believe in this love
And in human as well
You believe in your god instead
And it's good for you
But you are not bad enough
To understand my soul so good
As he do

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Growing up
Is just to put off another barrier you had inside as a child
To free away your soul
From each rule
That others give to control your moves
Through the world
As more free you are inside
Than more of your steps
Are done by your own will
And more enjoyable they are
And more clear
And you can smile more
Because you know
That You can do whatever you want
From now

Me and Island

I think I like this Desert Island I chose to live in
With few eyes which keep watching my dreams
And this one heart I love to believe in and cherish here
Yes and those few minds and spirits I love to feel near me
I used to this through years and I am not sure
There is something else I could enjoy anymore
Oh maybe just your touch again and your voice
and your smile of course
But it's still just the Island I live in
It's you
Who came
Nothing else

Friday, 10 April 2009

Let's forget it

Is this true
Did I push you away for good?
All my lovely spirits here
Who enjoyed this being together
This special kind of trust
This journey through wonder land
This smile among the space
This little romance

Do you feel hurt now?
All is spoiled destroyed somehow?
Do you really feel like this?
Is it all my fault indeed?

Yes I was a bit angry on you
yes disappointed a bit too
Though it's ok
Emotions fly away
And this what stay is nothing but smile again
Though maybe a bit more calm maybe not so open wide
Yet still smile for you and because you are here
Because we know how to enjoy each other too
So don't feel so bad anymore
and stay
It's ok
Let's be as we are
It doesn't matter
What I tried to show you
You don't understand me well
So forget
And let's smile as before
Nothing really happened
This drama is ended

Let's forget
Let's forget
I love you all as you are
Don't be afraid
Don't feel sad
You are ok

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Just thoughts you are

So not real people you are
Just thoughts on the screen
Some makes me feel good some touched
But there is nothing behind
Nothing real, material
Thoughts are allright
But somehow it's sad
You do not really exist
For me so you can disappear
Will I cry?
I don't know
Mind is a lot
To build a day
And the day is all what I really have
So yes I will cry then I forget
We never really touch never really exist here
We are nothing but hidden dreams
We can flow with the wind or stay here
In this world of illusions
And this is allright yet somehow sad too
It's hard to explain
Why so disappointed I am now
I will be fine soon I'll be allright

Thursday, 2 April 2009

To Narcissus

I like you little Narcissus
You are as shy as me
We play here as two children
Using words
Like others use their hands and eyes
Or the rest of things they have

the center

Where is the center?
It's you
Yes you
You are the center
And all the action is around
Or in you
And you are on the way
From understanding to creation
Of your own life

It's nothing wrong to be in love a bit
I think
Or showing this or that
To someone you like
If you enjoy it

Layers and the tree

Levels of confidence between us
We never cover up the same way to all
We doing it piece by piece
Just as we feel we want
To let someone else
To come closer
To know you
To become a part of the story
You live in

I see you all are sitting
On the branches
Some so high other lower a bit
I am so happy you are here
My sweet friends
My birds

Let's go on

Don't be angry beautiful
We all have our own story to tell
Just sometimes we stop
To look, to give, to take
Or just to enjoy each other company
The way is long
There is so many days to fulfill
We can even go hand in hand
Some time
Or you can have me
The way you wish
Especially in your dreams
This is free zone and I do enjoy
Your visions
Mr Wolf

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I'll wait

I wish to end up with you this one I know and I dream about
In mean time it seems I do understand the situation we are put in
So I accept this different form we wear now
Yet even then
I can't stop my self
To be connected to you
In words in pictures in whatever that comes
To share with you
I love this sweet addiction
And I learn how to be patient too
Or how to touch you enough
To bring you closer at times
But I know we need some breaks
And I know we can survive like this
Just in head just right here
Somehow I believe in this
And I'll wait
Deep inside
Because I know
How you make me feel
When you are near
And I know I am good for you
In each little thing you are looking for
I want to be this one
So I am
As you are
This the best man
For me
And this faith keeps me smiling baby