Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's all art in it

It’s all art to keep things simple

Because there is so many distractions around

So many sweet ways to taste, to try

So at times it’s hard to be clear

Even with your self

And with all this what you need and want

Especially in this feelings world

You keep inside and you enjoy

As nothing else I suppose.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dream too simple a bit

I met the man recently who said to me

That my dream is very simple one

Yes I think it is

But why to complicate things?

Is it not better to keep free space

Between me and you

For more art and love?

And what to wish more

If we have each other?

And we learn each day

How to make this simple case

More beautiful and real?

What more to dream about

Should I

And why?

Can't help

You are so good in this art of seduction

That's why I love you so much too

You were born to be my love

And to make me the most happy girl

Of this world

You know?

Such a sexy guy as you

Make me feel just wonderful

Cant help for this

Why so?

I just want to sing this song for you

And follow you whenever you say I should go

And do whatever you ask for

That's why I was also born to, my love

Old description

So you were not disappointed, my darling

This warm gorgeous sexy imaginative one

With the wonder of life and lust burning in her eyes

Lying curled next to you

So suddenly

Yes this one you were dream about

On one of your sites

Is me..

It’s still so sweet

To believe

To have you like this

To keep

All memories

All dreams

You don't even know how precious you are for me

And this wonder of life and all smiles

I feel just because you are here

In my mind, my heart, my life

It’s you who has burn this light

And all I try from now

Is to keep this still

Is to believe

In us

for real

The parts of you I love the most

I love your tongue and fingers the most I think

Oh and your voice

When you are saying all these sweet sexy things to me

Yes I love it

Of course I love your cock too

It’s really cute one

It’s just that your tongue and fingers

Oh and this gorgeous voice of yours

Were first

So I love them

The most I think

Though yes it’s hard to choose

What part of you is the sweetest one

I know

But this tongue penetrating me oh

And these fingers of yours

And the way you play with me by them

Oh and then all what you say

And your look

God how I miss this all

Right now...

Monday, 14 July 2008

Two persons

It’s like two persons

Living together

One is still smiling cherishing this world

Dancing freely among the spaces of colorful dreams

Searching joys, new wishes, new things to play with, to keep

And this second one

So full of uncertainty

Weak emotions hidden a bit

So easy to go down with them

And forget

Your name and all meanings

So easy to destroy

The mood of glory and smile

How is that?

I miss you

I miss you

Each time you are silent for few days

What to do with my self

Yes some messages around me all the time

Yes some smiles poems comments

Yes all the world around

I still have

But when you are silent

All few days

I'm so terribly heavy

And I can't think of anything else but this

That you are silent

Any message today again

I just wait

To smile

I'm so addicted to your thoughts in me

I shouldn't maybe

Have to fight with this

Have to live

As before

Yes I know

But I miss you

I dream of you

Each night

I have you inside all the time

Can't wait to touch you again

And it's a madness I know

This love shouldn't be like this

I should breathe

Just simply doing my things

And waiting for new

Sweet dreams you bring

With you smile,

With your words,

With your spirit

With your love

I know

But I miss you!

And only this

I can feel


When you are silent

So completely

Just few words I need

To breathe to live

You know this

Come back

To me

My darling

Thursday, 10 July 2008

You by my side

I was just lost for a moment in space

My dearest one

It’s always this way when there is no sign

From you for a while

But I know all right now

And what is love

And what I want

This what I feel

When you come here

And you know so well

What I need

Is my entire world

Is love

And you by my side


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Who is winner

What if love is nothing but nice song?

A poem, a wish, a joke?

A dream for those who are tired

To hunt more

Or to silly naive maybe one

For those who are weak too

For one who is not able for nothing more?

For these who need challenge

And fun

Is sex for some time


What is better than?


I suppose

It’s good to try all

To know

There is no one way for all

Maybe even few ways in different time

We should try

Who is winner who lose?

In this game?

Who is happy more?

I don't know

Perfect girl

So you spent the time

With a perfect woman recently

So beautiful is she indeed

The hottest sex you can imagine

You had both

It was delicious



Just as she is

And you say

Yes it was only physical relationship

She has gone

And all you have now is nice thought

That would be nice to have a bit more

Sex yet

But this is all you can say

5 days to recognize each other

Dinners nice time clubs

And this wild sex at least

And this wonderful time

And she is perfect


And you didn't fall in love


A bit

Through nice still

I wonder what she is thinking now

The same maybe

You are both

Some recent sweet memory

To keep or forget and try to look another one

Perfect match

I'm back to my longing town right now

Amazing story have heard through

Sexy people

Do we really need something more?

I hope so.


But after all

I'm happy to know

That I have the man

To whom I can tell

These words


And to feel

Even this

Silent answer in me

He is there

He needs

And he feels

The same

Just sometimes

Has no words as well

To tell how much

He miss me

So he is silent

Even more than me

Any word

Any song in me today

Any dance, wish or play

Any word

Just this silent lack of you


Just this


I find

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Listen your self

There is few who knows

This one of possible truths

That perhaps there is not god above

And we are all alone

On this world

But don't listen them

Only you know

If he is alive or not

Listen all voices that let you go deeper

In to your self

And listen your heart

Then the way you go would be right

Even if you try to run away

All you believe in is yours

Just as a dream

Just as love

Melody of your words

Once again your words

Seem to be

As a melody flowing straight in to my heart

The sweetest one I could ever hear and have

So I sing this song all day

And all I want now is to dance

As you play

As you say

As you wish

My man, my dream

You are everything

And you cherish this

As me

It is all I was waiting for

You are right

My love