Friday, 31 July 2009

Walking shadow

A bottomless pit
Where I drink my water
Of dreams
To feed my self
The way I wish

Your silence
Is the most courageous food
For my craves
I still hide before
Blind eyes
Of the crowd

As your words
Are balsam
For all longings
You put me in

To let me want you
And to let me
Drift on my way
With more passion

With the little help
Of your assurance

That we belong
To each other
At the end

At least

So you insist
To not let me be so sure
Of you still
Good that at least
At the end
Of my despair
You come to say
What I need to hear
To live

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Flowers instead how nice

Oh I didn't know
You killed your wife
Some time ago
It is so kind of you
To bring flowers on her grave
And give her prayer or two

So she rests now
and smiles to you

You are good boy today
What a nice surprise for her
Do you think she cares?

Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine - HQ

Another summer ahead
lets drink some wine
of other things
we could do
If we were able to move


In each life
There is time of passion
As there is time of boredom
There is place for love and hate
There is time for work and rest
And so on

Just proportions
Make some differences
I suppose

Friday, 24 July 2009

Slight differences

Strange thing
Sometimes I can't find big difference between
Poets I read here
And lovers I give my self to
I feel the same unfaithful
When I stop with one to start with another

How I love to have my heart open wide for you
Now you can fuck my mind
Even more than you could do this
With my cunt

My dear poet

My dear poet friend
Your influence on my blog site is so evident!
I am so sorry though
To steal another picture from your site
But they fit so well to my mind
And this pleasure from this little crime is so big
So I can't help it...

I know you will forgive me
I don't know what about others though
Let's not think of them now
And live as long we can as long we wish

Oh yes indeed!
Let's live
To the end of love
Of course

Then we can die in peace
With smiles on our face

Writers and lovers

With writers and poets
As with lovers
Sometimes it's better
To try them all
Before you decide which one
Fits to you the most

Ps My dear poet friend
I am sorry I read another one more
But you know I'll be back to you soon
So do not worry and write still
If not for me so for them

Silly comparison

People are:
Stupid or smart
Depends how smart we are in fact to say that
Sensitive or not
Depends how sensitive we are we can see this or feel it somehow
Deep believers in God whatever called or realists
Depends of many things even the time we are actually in
Bad or good
Depends of souls, community, believes or family or other things happen to us and what is actually bad thing or good? Generally, culturally, locally, socially, in human eyes, in god eyes or nature? Who really knows? Oh yes we know we create the system already to live by so let's leave this for now.
Funny or serious, oh depends too, from many factors of course
Sexy or not it also depends of this what we like and we want

Oh actually why this catalogue is for?
We are different that's all
But if we can see some are beautiful and good for us so it's nice
Let's get friends or let's have a little romance
or true love with each other
This is what we can do here just chose and go for it
And live

Yes indeed.

To Marquise de Sade

My dear Marquise de Sade
How I love your dark free mind
I can even agree with the fact
That God is just a dream
We love to feed our minds and hearts
And some of us are wrong
For sure even the fool
Any way dreams are good until they let us be happy I think
Well even if I don't have this one dream anymore
I have another one I love to live for
This one you don't like too
But I do
Maybe because I am not so bad
As those creatures you describe
Monsters inside
Oh god sometimes it's really hard to go through
This madness you write about
Even just to show this philosophy
You love to own your self

Yes following passions is the thing for me too
But I don't like that you afraid of love

I prefer to believe in this one good thing
It keeps me mad and alive still and free

Besides I don't dream of hundred priests fucking me hard
Nor about killing children
or other victims of perversity
You love so much to describe
No my friend
I am not free this way I am not going there, why for?
Is it really so wonderful?
Any way you just like to go through bad things to show something
To amaze to shock of course
I admit I've never met the man as you
And I admire this lack of borders too
Inside your imagination of course
Such a free man you are!
So wild!
Somehow funny too
Master I can say
But such a bad boy!
Shame on you!
I think I should spank you!

But this what is good
Is to know
That you can do within your mind
Whatever you want
And that even love
Sometimes is better just to keep in your mind in your dream
Than realise all this what you wish

well at least not too fast

You have it still though
Inside you

Oh my love how many times we will be planning to meet
Again and again
And create this story of us
Just to live just to smile
And feel more?

I love this you know?

I love even those never kept promises you do
I know it's hard at times to realise some dreams
Besides they are more beautiful like this
When we long for them still so much
My absent lover
I'll always love you more
Than this one I just touch right now

Yet still I have hope for more

and this is what keeps alive this love
and all charm of life
I suppose

In mean time

I learn still how to please you
Reading books of all possible kind of behaviors people do
Bad or good doesn't matter my love
I just wish to be good whore
In moments we are together
All the rest time
I have fun or wait or love
I know it's hard sometimes to handle
But I try
To keep my self happy free and wild
Just as I love and you love me to be
I think
or to make you a bit mad
well I am also bad
Just as you like

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Too little still

Precious moments
Why we have to wait for them so long again
What to do in mean time, my man?
Cry, think of it, miss
Or try to replace somehow
This special charm
We had once upon a time
And believe?

It's still too little
For me
To live

To not feel this waste
Of the time

I do now

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Just tell me
When you stop love me
So I know the date
of my death

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Not a poem just single reflection

What a wonderful calmess
All is done well as so far
Children grow up
Spending their time in good hands
Of their granparents now
All have holidays
What a wonderful time
And I can simply drown in my thoughts again
And take a distance to all
That happen to me
Or that I have done by my self
Yes much mess too but at the end with smiles and joy
I can't be wrong on this way
At least I think I know
That I have to just try this all
Before I go

To one sweet friend of mine

How we can be closer then
What more we can understand?
What do you wish me to do?
What you can expect from woman in love?
What is this we can't share or we do not so far
What deep relation you are looking for and you still can't find?
Maybe lets just drift on the ways of our dreams and enjoy these little touch
We can give to each other with smile and yes kind of love
We can't have more I suppose

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

You just fight again

All good now
I can believe still
You are wonderful and mine
Just as always in fight
With all real problems this life put on you
You never share too much of them
You always want to give me the best just
My man how beautiful you are
How sexy
You don't even know
How much I adore you
And the fact you are so good
But you never try to show this

You are for me just this sweet sexual beast
And beautiful lover
For my pleasure and for relief

Lets stay in dreams my love
It's the best space for both

Monday, 6 July 2009


So you have it
You have it all
With details
My love
And what now?

You know how I am afraid
What you can feel
What you can say

I am guilty
I know

Could you forgive me please?
And don't let me go?

I wish to stay
Inside your world

Just let me in
I wait so long

I know I was so bad
I made so many mistakes
And mess around

But you know
How much I love you
In this

And that it's done
Just because

I feel you are so far
At times
And I am weak enough
To do wrong things

Especially from the time
I see you are able to enjoy this

So please
Let me live
Beside you still
I want this
I need this
And I dream

Is it enough
To forgive?

All sins?

Please let me believe still

In our dreams

Don't let them gone with the wind

We need them still

Both I hope

My beloved

Not words you need

So many useless words
I gave to you again
If only one you really need
Is the picture of my ass
Dancing slowly beside your eyes

To let your hungry hands
Move closer to it
And to play
And to hold

What you really want
To taste
To take
To talk to

Making your cock so hard
And your mind so wild

Just as I love
It can be
For me

When we meet
In darkness
Of our unfulfilled dreams

Wisdom of lover

I think that you perfectly know
When I am totally yours
And when I look around
For little dessert
I could taste
mean while

Of our story

You are too smart sometimes
My beloved
But that's why

I do



So much

You must believe you hold the key

You are this one I gave the key
Into my world
I hope you do not destroy
This what you hold

I am not sure
I'd be able to enjoy it still
If I wont have you
You who can do whatever
You want

How I wish you could be excited at least
Once or two
Or in tears or in smiles too
Just looking at me
From inside my dreams
And sins

It should be amusing
A bit at least

Wrong steps

I do all what I shouldn't do
Looking for general laws or directions

but I still feel your breath
beside me
maybe it's just a dream
but sweet still

so I keep
in thoughts
in to your world
opening my secrets to you
with hope

that it's not too much for you
and you rather stay silent
than you say go
because you can't stand me

Distant lover

You always just let me

To be

Hungry you more

And it works

All I have so far

Is this desire

For more you

Inside my world

And my hole