Friday, 31 December 2010

And what is the truth?

And what is the truth?

It is not a matter of this truth at all
There is plenty of them as many point of view

This what matter is the point of your view and the way you got it

And what this gives to you
means for you

and don't be too serious
it's not worth of it

so enjoy enjoy the night

and The New Year


Can you tell me
What is so wrong with your marriage already?

Well I can say
It's the peculiar lack of intimacy
It's the fear to ask basic questions or to answer them
It is the lack of ability to share important thoughts

That should unite
But they only takes us apart

Not realized

The silence

and the lack of cooperation
on a deeper lavel of existance

Can we survive?

I am afraid it's too late
My darling

I found out my self
With someone else

I didn't know I can be so cruel...

you are so delicate so good
and I am so bad

it's at times hard to stand...
and that I am such a closed book for you
all this time

It is a real drama in fact
I just hit you to death

and you didnt notice...

Maybe it's better like that
I't because you live outside

and you don't see clear
so we can live in peace still...

and I can stay here like a fool in space
Until you find this page
and feel what I have to say
and you will drown in this see I've build here...

but for now
sleep well my dear
it's not a time for war yet


Happy New Year

Thursday, 30 December 2010

The question

What form of me you wish to have now my dear?
How to love you still
When all seems so distant again
sudennly somehow
Far away

but always
I do and you too

so come whenever you need

my love

Wishes for the second part of the life

At the second part of life
I wish that my sons grew up and stay happy and with the wisdom enough to have special life full of good things and adventures within
and I wish to have some nice cosy pub with good music, few friends around and the special atmosphere to spend the evening in a charming way and to have something to live by
or little guest house in London too, who knows
and the man who loves me and who I love from all my heart close to me
and still few dreams ahead in my mind and plenty sweet memories to come back to and to smile
Some sort of good clothes to use in a special ocassion too
Some crazy trips from time to time
Visting friends around this ground
The circle of friends who knows me well and who understand all
Thats all.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Poetry and you

I let you in
Nothing really happened
What a disappointment...

By the way what actually this poetry is?

It's me of course can be you and he, she, whoever

The voice I am never able to speak
With people
But it is growing in me
So it has to be said

Then I write

It has to be said
Because it is the only real sign of this
in fact quite humble existence I have

That is worth a while a smile a life...for me

Not even all the time
But you can always chose
What you like the most

It has to be said
Because it is the one thing

Real and Alive


And what I believe we need only this little thing

The passion in heart and mind

And someone who can burn this flame to sing and dance

No matter from where it comes and where it leads

I know I should follow it

You here

And who exactly you wish to be here?

The single man to date with
The lover or the killer of me?

It's your choice
It's only a dream

so feel free

Art is everything

Anything you are not able to turn in art
Is nothing special

And it doesn't really matter what the word "art" means to you

It's everything
You can live for

The Year 2010

In fact it was the best year of my life

and you know why :)

Monday, 27 December 2010

love and too much love

Sometimes it's a bit hard to decide
What is worst
To not have love at all
Or to have it enough

If it is inside you and you can feel it hits the ground it seems a miracle
But noises of the crowd who don't really know anything - especially you
Seems a bit annoying though

These are days you can't bear even one loving man beside you
and all you long for is the silence and a distant song of the memory you keep inside

to survive

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The way

Is any other journey for human worth a while
than this deep one in to your heart and mind?

We can travel just on the way to each other
and explore this as much as we can

Walking on the fields cities and deserts seems quite empty thing
If it doesnt let you know more about yourself and about soemone else...

Hidden Sky - Full HD final

In the framework of your hidden love
I can feel freedom just enough to fly
And to share the flutter of my wings
With you

I don't need to go away
Because your chains
Are wide enough
Invisible but strong
So I know where I belong
And I wish to be back still
Yet I go my way discovering this world
Like a child
And we both know that this is what I need and enjoy
So we have this large space and time to play
And this is ok
Until the memory of your sight
Is still alive

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Little warning

This what I don't like much
Except obvious things:
Real violence, wars etc
In this what you can call
Every day life
Of common guy

Well so this what I don't really like much
Is too many questions and advices

Yes I think such things annoys me the most
and the boring talk of course
I am sorry to say so..

Everything else
Is acceptable

Even if it is simple or complicated
and brings some unexpecting things
In to your soul
Or hurts your feelings or ego

We need free space
To make steps
Even wrong
So dont ask too much
and don't say you know

If you wish to stay close

Sweet secrets

There is so deligtful sweetness
In some hidden secrets
If you know how to keep them
And to feed your self
By this violent kind of pleasure
You can taste in them
When they become
The most valuable and mysterious
Part of you life.

Then there is no return
From this deeper kind of world
You live by
Or you live because

Until death
Until they become
Ready to be shared
With all
But be aware
They can lose its natural charm
Or they can transform
To the new form

But do not hurry up with this
You can never know


For now

Just enjoy
And keep them still
As deep as you need

They are
To make your days and your life

Silence and sounds

Sometimes it's like a sea of silence
You have to get through
Waiting for noices
You long to make
In the darkness
One more time

Saturday, 4 December 2010


What is your favourite aspiration?

I'd like that someone find the hidden beauty
In me
Then make a piece of art from it
And invited me to the process
Of Creation

And... we could both just disappear
After all