Friday, 8 April 2011

One funny thing

There is one funny thing with you
It seems that I always try to force the doors that are always open
But I keep doing it and I am always a bit surprised
Seeing you there with open arms for me and this sexy smile
Yet again I start every day with you from the beginning
My new old dance for you my song
To win your heart like it was still
Not in my hands

Maybe this is how I understand love?
Or maybe I just feel safe with you to do whatever I need or wish to do
Having hope that nothing will change the way you feel with me

Or maybe you just helped me to enjoy my self better and discover things or just being me because Suddenly I want this all and I need to be like this

You using the right word, the right glance or maybe the right spell
You create the sea of love in me that I need to flood you in and keep you like this naked wet and wishing more
Sometimes it works sometimes I have to wait but I need all this still
It's amazing thing this life with you really!
This way love seems like watching and showing carefully or spontaneously but always with the same interest and need to see and show more

And this is what I love about us
and in you and me
this never ending story

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