Thursday, 21 April 2011

Please stay and bright my day

I was always searching a light
and then you came in to my life,
how nice,
but now please stay
and help me to fight with all black thoughts that come
from time to time,
don't be too scared of them
just stay and speak to me
so they all gone again
and I can smile to you,
my beautiful,
how I am happy that you came
to bright my days
to teach me passion and love
that I never believed can be real
until we've met and this just happened
my darling

you are the man with the real passion and love in your words
That heats women hearts
at least mine
which is burning each time you stay near
please never change
and come again here
when you see me walking in the darkness without you again
or when I'm using my charms for another man
Who could take me away from you
Because I am yours for good

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