Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Your album

Hard to say what touch me more
Your pictures with these nice looking women around you
Who you work with or you have fun with I don't really know
or pictures of your family that you love to put between us
Like a paves before my love
I think I am not doing the same to you
You know I could flow like a river to find new world with you
Searching a way to keep a safe place for all we are with now too
But you are afraid of this I know
It was never me that you really chosen
To be with for real
I am nothing but a little shadow on your soul
Little ghost of love to keep inside
To fulfil empty days with some charm, noise and warm
yes this is who I am
Not a big deal in fact
Just a song, a poem, a thought, a smile, sometimes tears too
Something that let you feel a little bit more
Even just excitement at times too
Just a moment in space
That's all
Yet still you are everything to me what I want
I can't help that you become my world
And from this time I can't find anything else to enjoy
But it is still touching
All this what you show me now
But I wish to watch and cry
For all that I wish to have but I can't
We all have such things haven't we?
I am not the one like this
It's quite common sin
And I am guilty too
I can't enjoy my days so much
As this longing I have for you
I drowned for good
I can't help, can't explain this too
I just need to watch and feel and have some hope
For this what I want
At least I've found this thing
I have my way inside, my need
To keep you inside me
And in this little wish to see you again
and to feel love in your words and touch
Even if it is so fleeting I need to stay waiting
And watching you, there is nothing else I can do

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