Monday, 29 September 2008

My sunny

You are still able
To make me
so happy
By single word
My beautiful

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Another piece of you disappeard

Is this that you don't want this dream land anymore
or it's something else that let you vanish your self to the end?
It's always so touching
You know how much I adore each single piece of you
You disappeard from this world
And suddenly I'm alone
For how long?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

wolfie lover

My wolf came in to the forest
To take me
It's not the first time
Not the last one
He does so

Maybe because I love this
Quite inconspicuous smile
He has just between one and another

Feast of him
By me

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Good bye for real

I love you yes but I think that
I can't be with a man
Who fail just too many times
To whom I can't rely
For whom I'm on the last place
Things to care or persons important to not
I know that at least
You are always so sweet at the end
The best thing I have ever had
But you are cause of so many tears
Doubts fears
That everything can just disappear
That everything is not real

Or I just wish too much
Or it's just not the right time
I don't really know
Just too many broken promises
You give

Maybe its my fault
Maybe I shouldn't come here at all
To give you so many chances
To not come or not to do
What I had hope you will
What you love to promise me
But all promises are so hard to keep
So nothing is as it should be
But it's just life you can say
yes yet still too many broken promises
Too many times I'm losing a ground for a while
Too many times I have to wait
in vain
I try yes I try to understand
But it's too much to stand
Take it easy you can say
yes I can
And it's not a problem to me to consist in my self yes
but this way alone I'm still not with you
Don't you understand this
No I think you don't
I just expect too much I know
So dream is not a dream anymore
Is it love?
Just life and the way we treat each other
Yes I love you still
I'm just afraid it can't survive the time
And the way it goes now
Make me just unsure
How it could be for real one day
You make me so sad ignoring fooling me still
Yes your sorrows are sweet after all
But for life is just not enough
You are cause too many tears and doubts

Yes besides all this you are beautiful
Charming, sweet, wild and good
But I need the man I can rely on
And I can't lose my ground
So many times a day
I don't have force enough
To such life as you offer me right now
Yes you are an exciting type
I can't deny
You give me so much so good things
Without you I feel so empty yes
But to live together is just not enough

But thank you for all
All these sweet moments you gave to me
This instantaneous care too
I really appreciate that you say you love
And some moments with you I never forget
My beautiful lover
My dream, my secret
I'll keep you inside me forever
But for now I have to say good bye
There is no chance to live together for real
We always knew this I think
We just loved to forget about this for a while
But I think it's time to wake up
Lets keep us as a dream from now
And forget about any real life
We do not belong here
To be together like this
We always knew this I think
I was just fooling my self
But I cant no longer
Good bye
My sweet beautiful impossible man

Just keep inside this what we find

So through these days
I just found out
That I still can't consist in you
Mostly you fail
Just sometimes no
What is always so nice surprise
I can say
Besides yes
You are this special person
I love to be close to
And share each though
Even when you can't answer at all

From other things I know now
I do not long anymore
For this big change
All is so similar actually
Just crowd around can be bigger less or more
Just few places to look
make some slight difference
But all this can't change the fact
That all you really have is inside

All places seem to be more available each day
Global world seems so small
Dreams are no longer so difficult to gain
So you have to look something else

This what really matter
Well as always is love
Do we have it
Do we have it
My love?
Can we care for it enough?
Is there any chance for us
To survive like that?

Maybe better not think of all this
let still share our lives our dreams
As we do so far as we need
Let's be together the way we can
It is a good thing at the end
No matter what anyone can say
It's a rarely thing so let's keep it
Yes it's a good place for us
The only one we can have
I guess

No time for love

You know what I think now?
That you simply don't have the time
For any lover in your life
It's just as I
When I'm home doing all this stuff i belong to
So all it was very nice dream
You and me
But simply not real
In the situation we are in
But it's nice to know that you love me
I love you too
Well good bye for now

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Don't say silly things like this please

Oh yes
Sometimes a great sinner I am
Especially inside my mind
Which needs so much passions
New loves and smiles
It needs to be also so free and wild
At times
But do not take all I write
So directly please
It's more longings, desires and dreams in it
Than this what really happen to me
Besides you can't so simply find new mom
For childred we have
be ridiculous
Mom is only one here having break for few days
So don't say silly things like this
It makes me sick
I'm coming home soon
To them if not for you
And the journey I can say was good
Had time enough to realise few things too
Had time to know a bit more
Which way to go
Just don't say silly things
Like this
But you have a right to be worry a bit I admit

This play here starts to be sensitive more
and the line between reality and dream
Seems to be really thin
From the time you came on the scene
but the show must go on
I don't see any reason to stop
I do enjoy this plot

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

At least you stay inside me

So you are going to have your life now
Not our
For some time you say
Four or ten years
Yes, time goes quickly
Meanwhile we have our little dream
Clever boy
And I know that perhaps
It's best like this
To leave things as they are
And just wait

It's just sometimes
I have enough
This never ending
Waiting room
That my life seems to be
From the start to the end
It's a little bit sad but no
I do not complain
I do understand
It's just reality again...
Any way
You are everything what I have inside me
This i wont leave
This i can keep
And this is sweet

Still dream world

There is still so little you
In my life
And even when I touch you
For a while
This all seems so unreal
Like no time for us still
We have place, public space
Little corner for new dreams
Nothing else
Two lives, real days, separate ways
And me so suddenly here
Stopped in time
In this magical beautiful crowdy world
Though not mine
What to do here can I?
Why did I come?
Oh yes for these few smiles, messages, charms
For you inside my arms
And to coming back
Where, home?
I don't know
Yes I know
One home is real still
Another is a dream
But I'm so glad that you came
Live here my sweet unreal man
As long as you wish
As long as you can
Forever perhaps
Who knows
We love to believe such words
I know
So lets believe
And dream dream dream
We are both good in this
I think

Monday, 15 September 2008

Days here

and happy
is there anything more I can say?

the city is wonderful
what the station we are now?
forget the name again

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


what ever your answer is
it always put smile on my face
I call it love
and I'm grateful

but are you sure?

belt not rope?

my love?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The thing about the places

Where is the centre of the world?


Right now?

Pen St

Of course

So easy to catch

In google earth

All ways leads

To you now

And the road is magical

So sweet to follow

So easy to fly and dream and smile

You are there

You are

Friday, 5 September 2008


I know the man
Who is ready to eat your body
Just to write another piece
Of poetry
About the special taste of this
What he found
Inside it
Be Aware
Poets are everywhere

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Uspoken beautiful words

I love all these never unspoken billion words
That you wish to share with me but you do not,
I know that all of them are beautiful and special and cute
I remember how sweet are your thoughts and voice
I can create another billion sweet conversations between us
and never say any word so beautiful as yours
And this what stay between these lines
which we were able to share sometimes