Monday, 30 June 2008

The sweetest things

It’s so good to be back to you

And to know what is the sweetest thing

For me

It’s your smile

I think

Yes I’m sure

And your voice of course

And your arm holding me tight

Yes all these sweet simple things

Are the best I think

And walk and laugh

From all these funny thoughts and words

That comes to mind

When we just spend the time


Hand in hand

And this smile,

yes this smile of yours

And your touch.

Instead of all

Instead of all I loved when you say

That you respect my pussy

So you can't just come and go

And you will fuck it one hour or more

That was cute

Just as your cock

So different you are

From all

Even this wild part of you

Is just exciting and so good

This bad boy in you

Is wonderful

My sweet tender brutal you are

And this way it’s a real pleasure

To be your whore

Yes, my love

You have a key to this door

Fits perfectly


Journey to heaven and hell

Been traveling two days

Little journey to the dark side

Seems fine

For a while

Discovering new

Exciting pictures

From little hell

For sell

Oh, sweet sin

Seems to be

For a moment

Until you see

Something too dark

And all fun is gone

Only scar

Is it all real?

Too horrible,


So easy to find here to follow to have

Hell for sell

On the Earth

No boundaries

No heart

Just a big fat cock to smack

Right know bitch!


Go one

Yes do your job!

Fuck, fuck

Deeper whore

Yes Master!


Sir please more

Hit me fuck me


On me

Can't stand this anymore

It's too much

She cant

Like this

They are monsters

Nothing more

Pigs, jerks oh

No human at all

It was nice fun at the start yes

I cant deny

Some play

Some smile

And pleasure and pain


The theater

But then one picture too much

And I wish to run

Just run

And forget this hell

She cant love this

I don't believe

It was rape nothing more

Disgusting scaring sick

What a gate I opened suddenly and why

To be aware to know more?

I don't really know

What is inside human race



Is there god behind?

Can he save all of them?

Can he cure mad minds

We all can have

And give them the rain

And heaven

Without pain

Give them forgiveness or dream

Not boring but beautiful

Acceptable, a bit wild, free

Still black and white

Still full of excitement and this joy of fight

But clear, more clear

Not like that


Please god if you exist

Don't let me see such movies!

It's too far from love and beauty

It's too far from reality

And dream I have to live

It was a hard trip

Too much to stand too much to understand

I can't get it

Yes in to the shadow

I can find

This deep extreme joy

Of submission

To explore

To feel to know

Yes it's still so many ways

To try to go

Until you see

Something what is just too much

And you know

You have to be back

To normality

What ever you think of this

Be back to your own sweet dream

Of love of heaven

Of you and me

Yes baby

I'm back

Nothing compares to us

And this love we have

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Two birds

There is a beauty

In your words

That I can’t deny

There is a spirit I love to drink

Day and night

There is a mystery I wish to follow too

And there is a story we create both

So merrily

Floating here

Among the pages of our own


We live

We are nothing but birds

Searching wild but cosy nests

Among the trees

Of our dreams


Thursday, 26 June 2008

When you say "I miss you"

When you say

I miss you

I just wish to get hold of your beautiful head

Put it tight to my breast

Kissing you on your sweet cheek

And kissing more

Your lips

Your eyes

Your ears

And go down too a bit

Just to see this wonderful rush desire in your glance

With such a great passion and love within

And all your trills and words

To feel and hear

I wish


You are a big city warrior

And me just a water nymph

From one of these pretty looking lakes

You wish to go by one day

But you don't have the time enough

Busy in your big hard beautiful world

I'm waiting here still

Smiling because I know

That in fact you are here

Inside drowned quite deeply

Just as it should be

With me


She belongs to another race

Knowledge hunter

She follows a good names

To use them

For her own progress

In mean time

We are here


The wisdom

Of our shelves

Unwritten still

Books of emotions

Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's nothing but mind

What makes you feel so fine

Seeing nothing but this naked mind?

This little spark of naughty smiles

Don't let you sleep at night?

Ha ha

Ups I shouldn't laugh this way

I know exactly how it works for me

And how dangerous it is

This mind creation in your head

Is all what really makes you mad

But happy too

So why not?

Friday, 20 June 2008

Somebody else is lover

Maybe this can make you silent now

And I know it'd be lost

Not only for me but to the world

But this cunt

Which you crave for

Is closed


I love these capital letters you use

Writing to me your words

I love the message you include in them

I love each single thought

I can look at it and feel it so well

Sometimes they are as a flowers

Touching deeply my senses by its natural beauty

Sometimes they are as a tender through strict little pins

That let me aware of my actions just done before your eyes

I love all tastes of them

And I wish doing more

To receive all kind of words you give

As a proof of your love or your warning as well

All kind are always so special and right

And hits home as you say so

I love them as you I love


I know that my poetry
Makes you hard
Is this bad?

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Another empty corner

Trapped me here

Yes it was a nice ride today

My little wildly need

Was dancing freely

For your eyes

Such art for art

Smiling gates

The show for two

But in fact

It was nothing so special

Yes nice little ride

To the stars

We all love it

From time to time

Just run rabbit run

But you know

And me too

There is an empty corner

And not enough

To fill your mind and soul

With real joy and something more

Than simple pleasure

Which is easy to find

But this is not what we really care about

Yet still nice

By the way

Who is more addictive type
me or you?
Is this a competition we do?
What are you planning now?
Day two?
or the end of us both?

Addictive world

Higher knight

Jump to this little star

That I'm keeping hanged above

Just for pleasure for both

What can be wrong in it?

Addictive you said

So what?

Can you find something around


Right now?

This outside world

Is nothing so special

We all know it

So better drown

Deeper here

So you can eat

All sweets of my spreading wings

Created for you and me

To love and live


From one to another day

We can fly like this

There is nothing else

Worth a while


Than this little spark of delight

In your mind

Trapped in delight

I'm here


In this warming cave of my mind

Demanding fresh juices

To fly

You have touching spirit

I love it

So live here

This light is my daily food

From now

So I devour you

And live still

The pleasure of it

Is too big

To stop

I think

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

How much me you need?

Just sometimes

I worry a bit

You don't really need daily me

You have your world, pleasures, thoughts

That are so completely unknown

To my world

No me there still

It’s ok I love when you come back

So suddenly sweet guest you are

Each time

So good to see you again

Yet still

I worry a bit

No daily me you need

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Should protect you

All I have to do is just to learn

How to take you away

From all these dark clouds that suddenly come

I should protect this little castle of us

From the war

Hiding you in to the warm shelter

Of silent night

We have to wait in calm and peace

For another day with the sun

These storms are not good for you

I should remember and erase this all

I should protect the peace inside your soul

No need to rush it no need to say any word

That could just let you worry again

Yes there is always a smile after rain

So why share this all

There is no point

The war is over now

And we are born again

To another day

And a walk hand in hand

Don't say I wont find my home

What I can do with my wishing silly mind
Where to go with it
If I search nothing but love
But each time I’m closer to it
It seems I’m not able to drown deep

Is it something wrong with me?
What is this practical love you talk about
You don’t believe I’m able to love like this?
You think I’m always far away from these who I should be with?
There is no help for me?

Please do not say this
I wish to hide right now right here
Not wandering anymore
There is no need
I know my heart and its greed
Don’t say I want more than I should
Don’t say I will never be able to find home

I’m a bit away now I know
My mind fly to another land
But do you think so
It will be always like this?
No I hope you are wrong

It was just another step to do
And right now there is another one
Finally I’ll rest in his arms for good
Don’t say I wont
You don’t know this at all
Please don’t say such words

I was never more sure anything but this
That one day I’ll have to leave.

In to the shadow

My silly greed for daily emotions

Kills another day

Of light

And turn my mind into abandon

So many words messing the air

I sent to you again

What is it for?

If nothing but you

I wish to have in my world

But I play still

Each time when new refreshing smiles

These little sparks of mystery

Put the shadow between you and me

And turn my world of words

In to the cloud of your silent voice

Please stop

I wish so

You know that the best feeling I keep inside

Is this one from you

Nothing can change this

Only you

Or this mess I make around

Monday, 16 June 2008

Missed conversation

When I’m with you I wish nothing but make love

after some time I love to write but when is this little spark

for an interesting conversation between us?

I’m afraid it’s not possible to do that

not important so much

as long as you find my mind attractive place

for you

to stay

for good

Our picnic

Inside my head
Is nice for you
Oh it must be
Because all of those thoughts
That came to my mind
After time
You live here,
So sexy thoughts
I can say
So fine

It seems you talk during it
Me after this
Yet our minds compare
As all other parts of us
Fit to each other
To live together
In the stars
Yet still
Down to Earth
We are
Romantic but real

Even this simple yes is more than enough to make my heart aroused

Life seems so exciting

When you have your lover beside still

Such a long story it is

Our love
Is such a beautiful long story
Each single word has a meaning in it
Each thought
We care so much to not spoil
This what we have
At the same time
We are just as we are
Free inside, so natural
In each action we do
And something else too
This what is the most wonderful
What ever comes to our minds
What ever we decide to do
It's always just so beautiful
And exciting too
It's because of this natural charm of yours
I suppose :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

It's so easy

Oh so good

You came back

I can rest a bit

I can smile

So happy I’m right now

It’s so easy, you see

Happy with you

Sad without

Nothing between

Nothing around

Just me and you

Inside each other

Is all the world

Is love

All is fine

All is fine


Just why each time

It hurts the same

This lack of answer

This silence

I should used to this

I know

I should be calm


And I'm

Just this silence

For a moment

Is so heavy still

I can't stand this

But don't want pressure you too much

Do not want expect

You are perfect

I know this

So all what I can do

Is just to believe

I know

It’s just sometimes

When I don't know what to do

To let you be close enough

To listen your thoughts

To hold

Be positive

Yes I know

It's all within my mind

It's not your thought

I'm just too crazy now

I should fight

With such a tension inside

With such thoughts

It's an obsession

Not a love

But I love you

Yes I do

I feel you in each little cell of me

You live inside here

So why all these worries about

I'm silly I know.

Just be back soon

My love.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Yes I love trains too

I had little dream

About the train yes

Wasn’t Orient Express?

And the stranger on the way

Whose glance makes me feel

So naturally naked


And the journey was long

Very deep




I love trains too

I think so…