Saturday, 29 September 2007

Love - John Lennon

Love is the way
You and me
Feel each other here
Love is touch
Of your words
So sweet for me
Love is faith
In you and me
Let's be together like this
My love be here for me
As I'll be
And smile to me
That's all I need
My sweet
That's all I need

Friday, 28 September 2007

In my secret life

Yes it's better like this

You see it is much better like this
To leave this way without anger and regrets
You forget I'm a whiles collector
And I can't have bad memories
It's not a good way for me
Just to live with sadness and hate
You are still able to make me happy or destroy me as well
So it's good that your mysterious plan fell
And we stay beautiful to each other
And we can stay in peace
Knowing only this that if we could we will be together.

Yes the world is as big and beautiful
As your imagination that's true
So thank you too to be so beautiful
And to fill my days by love passion and joy
You were just as you should be, my love
To make me the woman I'm right now
I hope I was able to leave
Some little sign in your heart
And that whenever you will think of me
You will smile and just feel all right
That something like that
Suddenly happened inside your heart
Never regret never be sad
It's best like this
We leave
But we still have our memories
We still have our dreams
And this life as no one else
Because we feel and we are real
That's all that matter
My dear lovely sweet lover man
Yes I can accept this goodbye
But I'll stay with my memories
This you can't take away from me
I do not agree :)

Dido - White Flag

Forgive me

I didn't know I can be so cruel in love
So it all just hurts you that I'm here
That all makes you feel insane
Because you can't
Have me the way you wish
Only because you are weak enough
To not do it
Only because we live
Too far away...

Yes I'm a bit cruel I know
But sometimes you run
and you don't think too much
What you do
You just run for this
What you find beautiful
And I found you
I crash in to your life
As a bomb
Now I see this
I didn't know
It will be like this
Believe me
I didn't plan this
But now I see
It's all my fault
Please forgive me
Forgive me to make a hell
In your soul
Forgive me
That you fell in love
Forgive me
That we can't be together
For real
Forgive me that I'm here
Still so smiling and tall as you say
Even if you tried so hard to trample me down
Just to forget me
Forgive me
That I was so blind, my love
Forgive me my write
Forgive me that I fell in you too
Forgive me
That I'm so far away from you
Forgive me to not be even faithful to you
Forgive me to let you down
Forgive me all my faults
I'm guilty
It's not you
You are just beautiful
That's all

You were harsh to me
Just because you wish me to leave you in peace
I shall respect this and I will
Thank you to let me live still.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Slave to Love

Simple recipe to have a woman (or at least her heart) :

Attract her the way you are
Let her enter freely your life
Fall in love
Then leave her
With a bang
Then you have her
Forever perhaps
Just don't forget to let her know that all you do
It's just because you love

Because as you know
we appreciate these things
which we want and we lost
the most.

Sinead O' Connor - You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart

You said it’s because

I’m too beautiful and I hurt you

You want me to leave you alone for good

You say that I’m a winner and you lose

But I see my self ugly right now

and I lost something so special

and I still can’t come to terms with it

I don’t even know when to leave.

What success did you mean telling me this actually?

Marek Stan: With the Chiaroscuro Female video made by Gerald Brewster


Love turned into the form of art

This site is my private theater

And my heart plays on this scene another act

It’s real though it’s still the play

But love you see is here

I wish you are the main watcher and actor as well

But I don’t mind to be seen by all

When I sing my song filling the pages of my life’s book

I never know who will come on the stage

To let me scream or dance more

Meantime there is a peace or little monologue

But this theater still lives here and welcomes all.

Beyond Love

Oh yes you are not only sweet

But also very bitter one

How should I forget

And be silly enough to share with you my thoughts

You are the man who needs

Just another type of woman than I'm

I can't be true to you

It kills us and this love

This love which doesn't exist anymore

Or maybe it was all just imagination?

But no, too much anger in you

After my words

But you left me, do you remember?

You did

So what did you expect?

Sometimes we all have to fight

With this madness inside

I'm not without a fault

I know I can hurt

The same way you do

What is wrong with us, my love?

Where this path leads us?

Oh but actually all is gone

So what to worry about?

You can make me a fool

Or even the last idiot of this world

I can say many not important words

But at the end

All I can do

Is just to face this true

That you are this one I love

But it doesn't matter anymore

I lost you I know

I have to go my own wrong

Pointless way right now

Bye bye

Maybe you are right

Live your life

I hope I'll find some sense in mine

But you know that perhaps

It'd be a bitter moon

Between me and you

So maybe it's better like this

Good your answer is

so we can really go in peace right now

No one hurts anyone

All are winners

In this case

All stay tall no one fools anyone

It’s just no way for us that’s all

How easy is this right now

I can go with a smile

Thank you for this my love

You are one who is able to kill me by your words

You have to be careful too

Goodbye my love

Goodbye stay in peace forever

Madonna - Frozen

You just didn't understand
Any message I had to you
So now I know
What I'm standing on
I just lost another love of life
And even friend I had hope to have in you
And all illusions I have had so far too
Yes I see now very clear
Yes it was all just a big mistake
We did both
And yes all I see
Is that we are all alone on our way of life
And all lovers betray
That's how you have used to this and live again
And be born for another day for another dream
Of perfect love
That will come.

My Own Private Roma

Yes it was good time to say goodbye
I'm strong enough now to survive
I'm able to go further
and to appreciate all things that happened to us
you were such a lovely man
and it was a perfect romance
but it's time to go
to our separate ways - I know
and I accept
so goodbye
for good
and have a beautiful life
my wonderful sweet one

Leonard Cohen - A Thousand kisses deep

It's so long ago I haven’t seen you
is it all good in your life?
are your days full of smiles?
oh please let me know soon
I wish to know all you do
and if you are happy now or no
and if your face is so sweet
as it was before
and if your eyes
are hiding the same light and love?
oh comeback to just tell me this

Monday, 24 September 2007

Everybody knows

I'm as a child

Who is playing in this

Game of life

With a smile

Sometimes I cry too

When I lose

Something I love so much

But after a while

I smile again

When I see you came

To me


My gentle man

the cars drive tonight

So you came back to mother of your child now

I know it’s better like this to both

I know sometimes we have to leave

Sometimes we have to be a realist

But it’s so sad we never met each other and now it is too late

you know my love, with the time we just put on us higher luggage that’s all,

all these loves that comes, some stay some go

it's all in us after years some we left but some we can't

sometimes we are even coming back to put it again on us

depends what we need at times,

I don’t know if it's bad or no

but recently i have very colorful life

I know you don’t like it,

but actually we are not together

maybe we never will,

though i always feel you near,

you were this first sweet man

who came here for love

and i gave you this from all my heart

but it's not easy to be in love just here i know

for you and for me too

i need all the time some touches

so i have them

i didn’t know there is so many beautiful men on this world,

yes I'm also naughty one

and they give me smiles

and yes i do dance for them too

and they say to me

the same sweet words as you

and they are beautiful in this

Maybe you stop loving me

knowing what i do

I don’t know you are easy to leave

and I can understand this I think.

Maybe it's all for some time of my life

so enjoyable i don’t know

maybe i have that kind of soul

The only thing I wish is that you will not forget me

and sometimes think of me with a smile in your heart,

you are still so special one for me

though you were never treating me well I think

but even these few touches you gave me and smiles

means a lot and thank you one more time

to put so much love into my heart,

I'll always have and keeping you inside

even if we really never met you will stay

like that

as you are just beautiful


I have had

Don't Stop the Dance

It’s such a sweet taste

Of this fresh unexpected feeling of light

That comes suddenly to you

From the sight of beautiful stranger

Who touch your heart so merrily from the start

By look, by smile, by touch or some words

That flow gently to your soul and you know

It’s something in the air again

It could be this man this special one for you

And you smile you don’t know why

Just somehow

And mostly this is all you have

Just this moment in space to catch

To enjoy and to feel this something special in the air

This gentle breeze of life this little light

It can turn into many forms

Dance poetry or song

Sometimes it’s a beginning of relationship too

Sometimes even something more

You wish to believe that - in love

But only time will show this

If you want to know

Now the only thing you have is this smile

And some little need to do something more

And to go for it deeper a bit

We never know but this smile is all

We are looking for

And what we adore every time it comes to us

For good or for a while

The Power Of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Any man who didn’t touch my heart
This who didn’t come closer a bit
Doesn’t take a part
In the mystery of my life
But each one of you
Who came here
For love
Is the part of me now
Is the treasure I gain
All of you are great!
All of you are sweet
All of you know
What the beauty between you and me is
All of you are here
Even if all we had was just a while
You are still the best thing I have ever had a chance
To receive in this life

Master / Slave Fantasy

The more you bound my body the more you relief my soul
every day I feel better with this
no chains, no fear
lives here
the wish to give you more

Addicted to the Marquis de Sade

I just came to say that you are beautiful

I can’t say yet if I want anything from you

I came here just to say

That you are beautiful

And that I enjoy this what I found

In your world

It’s so different from this one I know

Maybe that’s why so interesting to me

But there is something more in it

I think you are special

You gave me new smiles

You gave me wild dreams

During last night

Because I saw all of you

And I wished to be there too

This image so inspiring as frightener

But beautiful and sweet the same

What to do if I see only a beauty in you

Maybe we all miss for pain as for love

Maybe we all search for this what we can’t find

In this simple world?

Without going a little bit the frames out

We can’t really know who we are

I found your world tender, sensual and beautiful

No real brutality is in you even when you give pain is just to feel more

Besides I always believed in the charm of new experiences

As I saw on your site

How enjoyable!

Thank you , one more time to leave me with smile!

And quite excited!

That what is all about !

Beverley Craven - Holding On

Let me dream then…

If love is nothing but illusion of the heart
so let me live in this dream forever
let me believe still
that you and me
is we
Don’t wake me up
I love to dream like that
Don’t wake me up
I want to sing my song
Till the end of love

SILENT POETS -Sugar Man feat. Terry Hall- To Come music clip

Our home is here

It's so nice you have been back
In the form you like the most
My love
As some sweet little answer
For the basic question of my own soul
Now all is going on the way it was before
Just don't tell me anymore
How much you need to see me
Just don't ask me to come
Because I know
You don't want this at all
Our home is here
Forever and never we change this
It's good to live here for us
So please never say such lies
As before
Because I don't want
To be fool anymore
By your pretty charming words
And this hope for something more
I feel good here and I never want any change
No, no I wish to dream of you
Right here and more
But never ever want to see you
In real world

Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet

You and me

May it be just imagination
You and me?
May it be all just mind creation
Loving here?
We never touch, we never see
So how it can be
To feel you so much
In me
Why can't I stop to think of you
My love?
Why all my life
Is running around you
Right now
Even if you seems to
Walk away into the silence
If all you said was just to please me
If all you said was nothing
You really meant
So why, why
I miss your words and you
Right now
I can fill my life by thousand
Beautiful romances
But no one can take your place
No one can create this story
Of you and me
Don’t you know this?
Don’t you believe
That you and me
Is something different
That you and me
Is this dream I wish to live
Forever in
That you and me
Is all I want to believe in

Marillion - He Knows, You Know

Should remember

What to think of you now
My sweet one
If you do everything
That I'd stop believe
In you and me
What makes you so extremely busy
To not leave me any sight of you anymore
To change your number phone
Just before my visit to your place?
Oh please come on
Why you do it to me, my love?
I thought I mean something for you
But maybe I was wrong
Why honestly you can't say
That you don't want
To see me in reality
That all fun maybe
Between you and me
Is only here
In our dream moon landing trip
Especially if we don't need
To meet too often
To not absorb each other too much
In our busy lives
Oh yes my love, I know
That sometimes we afraid
To face some real things
Or we simply lost some energy
To take it, to go on
Or to meet each other
As right now
I don't have force enough
To let you believe in this no more
I'll stay in my own world
There is no chance now
For more
If you don't wish it'd happen my love
Even if you always say
How much you do
These are nothing but words I know
Some lies you use
To caress my soul
Nothing more
It's nothing more
Yes, I should remember...

eric clapton - wonderful tonight

So little you

There is so little you in my life still
How can I be sure that you are real?
How to believe in this love here?
I don't know my sweet man but what can I do
I still wish that all you said to me is true
I still find the light in this way
And this what I love to believe
Is this little dream we have here
That you and me is all
What we really need
Am I wrong?
Tell me

Sunday, 23 September 2007

It's so easy now

How it is easy now
To sing my ancient whipping song of love
When you are waiting for me on the other side of this dream
With open arms
No real longings I feel inside my heart
Either wanting to be loved
If I feel and I believe in us
Someday together
So close
My love how I'm glad that you came to my heart
To live here inside

je t'aime moi non plus

I love this sweet madness I drawn

Are you sure my love that all we feel here
Is not but simple illusion of our heart?
And maybe we shouldn't meet at all
To not crash this sweet dream we own?
I feel so good in this lovely madness I have
I do not want to lose it
or lost any touch of yours
I do not want wake up to real life
I just want to believe in you and me
And live with this charm all the time
And feel you beside me
As I do now

CHRIS ISAAK - WICKED GAME - David Lynch version

You just fit to me

You are not too bad
and not too good
You just perfectly fit to my soul
And you make me feel the way I love
That's all what I need to be sure
That you and me is exactly this
What I want

Wuthering Heights (1992) (Kate Bush-Wuthering Heights)

Invisible hope

I know
That you are
Quite invisible
In my life still
But these little
I have from you
In time
Mean to me more
Than all my world
And this hope
For you soon
Is all
I really long
And live for


The only moment
that is really sweet
and worth to live
is this
when you say
I'm so special,
beautiful, unique
and that you need me,
want me, love me
and I believe
that it's true
This is the moment
I wish to live forever
When I'm smiling to you
swimming merrily in this charm
which you let me drown in
because life is just as you see your self
and someone else too
some little game you came
to enjoy

Amelie kissing scene

Even if for a while

If I wish to be sure something on this world
It's you my love,
but you know too that
even if you don’t have too much to offer to me
it's allright too,
it's enough to believe
it's enough just to live by this
so long as it is possible,
if I say be real with me
it is just that I wish you here
to be with me so open
and familiar and just as you are
I wish to believe in your heart
and your words
always so sweet to me
but you know there wont be any consequences
if you don’t,
even if it's all nothing but dream
I still appreciate that you came
to me just to light my life
even if for a while

Dido - Dont Leave Home

I'm sorry if I disappointed you,
I'm sorry if I did something
What could touch you too much
I hate my self for this right now
But baby I just hope
That you can forgive me this
And let it gone with the wind
Until you are here
Even silent
I believe that I'm still
Close to your heart,
I don't' want to think
Another way
I don't want.
Maybe you need some free time
Maybe you know that this space is again too big
Between you and me
Maybe you don't want this so intensively
If you know that we need to wait
Maybe years
And you know that so many things
Is around still
I just don't know why I had to be like this
And I did some things that could make you sad
And full of doubts perhaps,
I'm ashamed of this but please forget it if you can
I wont do this again
I did so much mess between me and you
I'm so sorry for this, my love.
My love if I'm silent today
It means just that I'm so happy to know
Your heart never changed
That we live forever together in our dream
That you need this so much as me
That you belong to me
I just cuddle my self
In warm of your words
To make me sure again
That I'm yours
Still and all you wish
Is to be here with me

I’m beside you still

I’m beside you still

You may not feel my touch
Laying in your bed at night
After your always busy day
When you are tired
You may not see me
Watching your sleepy eyes
Just beneath your losing dream
When you are waking up
You may not share with me
Some of your daily things
You simply live by
During your cheerful life
But remember
That no matter what you do
And if things are going
Up or down
You can be sure
That I'm here
For you
My heart never lies to me
So you know
That I'm always beside you
And I feel with this so good
That nothing can change
This simple truth
That I belong to you
And that there is nothing
More precious on this world
To me
Than our story of love
And our dream we drowned both
And you with me somehow
In our dream world finding trip
So, you know me now
And I'm so bared beside you
Even living so far still
Yet close enough
To feel your breath inside me

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Horse Whisperer

Don’t miss me

You say you miss me,
So why don't you come?
If you miss me, my love
So please don't
Just come to me
You know how I love
Your voice
And every touch of your
Beautiful shining soul
So please just come
Every time you need this
Every time you want
I'm always for you
As you know
Don't forget it
My boy

V for Vendetta - I'm with you

I can’t live without you

I don't like your silence
you know
and I don't feel so comfortable
but maybe you have some reason
to be like this,
there is not any problem for me
that we can't meet
I know as well as you
that it can be difficult
but I love you
and my life really started
from the time you came but
if you don't feel good with me
you can go

Oh no please stay
Forget it what I just said
Never go away
Please stay
I need you so much
To live
You are this one for me
Who I can trust and love
and understand
and be real with
Please don't go
How I love you
How I love
Every single inch of you
Your every thought
You are my love
You are the part of me
Don't forget it
You understand me well
You can accept me as I'm
Even this what you said at the start
About all these mythologies around
You don’t believe in
Makes me sure
That we are both as one
You can play and live as me
You can understand everything
All I want to do
Is just to dance with you
So, please stay
And come to me someday
I want this so much
I can't imagine my life without
Here inside my heart and soul
Here within all dreams I have
Because of you


Life is so enjoyable
When I feel you beside me,
Life with silence lost its charm
For a moment
And I turn in kind of torpor
Just to survive another day
I can even smile
I can be still so cheerful girl
To everyone
But inside me
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for any sign
From you
And I don't need to do
Anything else
I miss your touches
Only you know
How to touch me
Still so deeply, tenderly
That I could want you
Every day
That I'd dream to be
A part of you someday.

You like intelligent women
You said once oh
Am I strong-headed enough
To be your love?
What if all I have to offer to you
Is nothing but my fragile heart?
And my body so hungry you
Do you think it's enough?
What if I'm nothing but a simple girl?
And there is nothing so mysterious in me
To discover, to go deeper for?
What if I'm nothing but me?
Is it enough to you
Is it enough to love?
What if it can be nothing but a while
Even worth to remember
But there is no way to leave the past
To change our lives
Is it worth to start?
Is it worth to risk?
Do you want
To be in love with me
The way we are
Is it enough to fly
To be happy like this
Is it enough to live?
Oh why so many question all the time
If I love you and this is enough
To be so happy and to keep this dream
Just come someday
And touch me
And be for real

Annie Lennox - Why

Your eyes seem so sad today
What do you feel, are you ok?
Is this that you are embarrassed still
You cant speak with me or it's something more?
Maybe I have hurt you by last letters, I know
You didn't expect such news
But I cant hide anything I live by
Other way it seems no sense
To be with you if you couldn't accept
All thoughts I run for
But what is in your mind now?
What is the new dream you are looking for?
Can't I share it with you anymore?
Is it something wrong between you and me?
What does your silence mean?
I don't want to guess, my love
I prefer to believe that this what was before
Is still here living inside
To burn again someday
In the right time
In the right day
Just to see your eyes in smiles

Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye feat. Andrea Bocelli


Nothing stayed from my passion today
Lovers - go away
I feel sadness inside
I want to be alone tonight
Why, why I miss your lies
So much?
Can I live without them
What is more sweet than
Your words
To me?
But how to listen you
If I don't believe
Why some of it
Still sounds so real
In me?
Why if you show
Nothing but
That you just play
With my heart
Why you do that?
And why I can't
Free away my self
From you
Why do I love you?

Fleetwood Mac Little Lies

It doesn’t hurt so much

No you don't hurt me
This time too much
That you didn't come
Maybe because
There is natural
In us, that every time
It disappoints less
Besides I bought some new dress
So I can say
I'm in good mood today
Yes, just a little bit regret
Not even this that you didn't come
But this
That I believe less
In every word you can say
From now
By the way
Why you didn't come
This time?
I wonder if you explain
In some interesting way
This fact that
You fool me again
I hope just that you make fun
With this game
You call by big words sometimes
But now I know
That you just play
But it's ok
It's good to laugh
We don't have the time for sorrows
It's without sense to worry
About such things too long
I'm just not going to take your words
So, yes love me more
And forever
Be my boy
And feel good with these sweet lies
Which makes us fools sometimes

Chris Rea - Blue Cafe - Original Video

Love knows no distance

Once you said
To me
What are you doing here
Be realist
I'm living in the South
You are there in the North
So how come you see
The future for you and me?
Come back
To your home
There is no
Distant love
And now
When I know
Your answer for my call
I'm just more sure
That there is no
Any distance important
For true love
You were wrong
My new love
Who has found me
Lives much far
From you
But it doesn't matter
For us at all
We feel this
What you never did
And we are happy
To be together
You will never know
What you have lost
I suppose
But it doesn't matter anymore
Everyone has it's own true
To believe
And I hope
That you are happy
To gain this what you have been built
Your reality you live within
I'm happy living in my dream of love
Being there with my boy
Who always so perfectly knows
How to make me wanting him
On and on
He is the artist of my soul
He is the man who I know
Even without any real touch
He offered me
Much more
He made me
The woman in love
So, there is no other true
To me
Just that I love him
There is no other answer
That you never did
But who cares of this now?
The past has gone by
And now
Is just the heart which believes again
And there is new treasure to gain
And there is a dance of love
For this one
Who loves.

Wuthering Heights

Good bye and hello

Yes my love
I think I'll be always in love
With you
I'm glad I just can see
Your beautiful face
On this virtual space
And then I smile
To you
To my thoughts too
Even if now I'm more sure
That we wont see each other
Maybe for another year
Or more
I'll dream about your touch
All my life perhaps
But it's all right
I use to live like that
Mental life is as strong
Or even more
As this reality around
So we can stay as we are
Just here
So, good bye
And hello
My love

Monday, 10 September 2007

Wicked Game

I think that life
Is not so simple at all
And if you've even promised
Me something
You don't have to keep this
If you don't really feel
That you want after a while
I'll understand this
My beautiful man
You know that I think
You are wonderful one
You know that I want you to come
But I realized again
That life is open wide
Just before your sight
And maybe this way is wrong
And maybe I'm too old
And not this right woman
To you at all
I'm afraid I'd complicate
Your life and your world
I'm afraid I start to love you now
And I don't want
That you regret anything
Especially this
That we have met
And that we feel so good
With it
There is so many
Wonderful girls in this world
You should go to them
You should go and try
Them all
And then you can
Come back to me
If you will feel still
That you want this
And you need
Yes then comeback
And I'll understand you
Without any word anymore
And we will just hold each other
And kiss
and we will know
We will know
What love is

Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel

Why angry

Don't be so angry for me
The new man I have been met recently
I don't understand
Why so hurry you are
In this way to me
You are impossible
Emotional, passionate
And I'm afraid a bit
You in my life
I don't know
What to expect from you
What you are going to do
To say to me soon
You are amazing but
I love some other guy
And I can't promise you
That I'd be for you
Someone more than
This little ray of the sun
Which brings you smile
This I can be but
Someone more?
I can't be your lover
If you wish so
I have another man
Worth to wait for

Nana Mouskouri - Love Story

I love you
"And I do
You are my darling"
So simple loving words between us
Which only we can feel so much
How I love to receive all these lovely answers
Of yours
You are my soul mate
You are my sweet man
I wish to be so close to you
I love to know that I'm yours
I feel you near me
And I'm not afraid
To tell you anything
And I know
You'd understand me well
And I'm sure
Your words are true
You read my soul
And you perfectly know
What I want
You are this one
I was looking for
So long.

Plaisir d'amour

Sweet sexy words
I hear
From your mouth
And it makes me feel
So wonderful
So happy
And so wanting you
My boy
Every little word
Of yours
Is like a prayer
Is like a song
To my soul
I can feed my self like this
And live
And believe
And dream
About this holy night
Which will come
In the shadow
Of another day
Which just flowed away
With joy
That you share with me
This special dream
And that we live
So beautifully
We are the lucky ones aren't we?
We have everything
Love, desire and this special joy
Which the woman can give the man
Which the man can give the woman
In love.

Barbra Streisand - Woman in Love

Don’t worry about me

You turned your back on the crowd
But remember
That here is the heart
Which is beating for you
So never mind
And come back to me soon
I'll be waiting for you
Whole my life through
I'm not impatient now
You know that
You have my heart
So you can go away
For as long as you need
As long it is necessary,
Don't worry about me
I know how to feed my soul
By smiles beauty and love

Gloomy Sunday

Daily misses

I'm dying again
Life is so empty today
He is silent from two days
It's hard to stand
But he is back
And this is good
He is back in the way
He could
He is always to me
But loving still and only me
As he said
And I believe again
Love makes me not able
To do anything again but
I can't forget about love
I can't
And I'm in this strange condition during a day
External life doesn't exist
I wish to look at his picture that's all I wish
And wait for him
Months or years
Doesn't matter
And never wake up from this dream I have
I'm writing to him
When I feel I must
I write a poems too and that's enough
And I learn how to be patient in love too
As he wants me to be right now
He creates me from the start
Because I forget my self
I forget the world and the life
I have one direction from now
To be in his arms
Only this has some meaning to me
Anything else
Is just a dream

David Lynch - Love Fool Wild at Heart

Love words

You have my artistic passion
And you have my love
What do you need more?
"Your body"
Then come
"I'm coming to you"
Oh, god
My body
You want
How I'm happy
To hear your words
You always know so well
What to answer
Of my questions
You talk to me
As I want
That's why
I love you
As no one before
How I'm glad
You want
My body more
Than my love
and art
That's what
I wanted to know
To love you more
This night
It's so easy to become
Impatient again
From two days
I'm thinking
About you here
Because of your words
So sweet
I'm coming to you

And now I'm not sure
Are you coming just right now?
Or in the future we will have
And again
I'm so hungry you
Your eyes
Your hands
Your lips on me
And you within
I've found some new possibility for us
Some place unknown
But I do not want
To interrupt
In your life
I've learnt to wait
For you
I do not want
To interrupt
In this dream
I enjoy
Just my thoughts
About you
I don't need to talk
I don't need to call
To tell you this
But I still wish
To share with you
Some of these thoughts
Like before and I love to wait
For the signs
From your side
I love
When you are coming
To my world
So suddenly
I love my reactions
Of this
It's amazing for me still
Discovering this love
Inside my body and soul
It is wonderful

Julee Cruise - Falling

Do you love me?

Do you love just me?
"You and my son"
Did you really want to leave me?
If I don't send you my message
That all I want is you,
You wouldn't do this
You will never send to me
Any message anymore?
Have you been waiting for my message to you?
"Yes, yes, yes!"
God, how I love you
"I had to leave you when you mentioned about another man
Never ever have one"
So it's you who are the man of my life
"I'll come soon to be inside you
How much I wish to kiss you now"

You belong to me - LifeHouse ( Audio and Lyric )

You had to do it

You had to leave me
I know
You had to do it
And now
I love you
More than ever
And now
I'm yours

Come back

Just come to me
You don't have to
Love me anymore
Just come
And make love to me
Then you can go
He wont come
I love you
"I love you
The problem is
That you talk to another man
You told to another man
Come inside me"
It's not truth
I never said these words
To another
I let him go
I don't want another man
Just you I want
He wont come
To me
Come back, please!
I can't live without you
I can't live

Dante's Prayer


I left my lover
I left my friend
The man who loves me
So much and deep
I didn't love him
Enough to stay I think
Yes I wanted
I wanted you for a while
You are so sweet to me
But without him
I can't
I just can't
Be with you again
As you wish to
I can't love anymore
I'm broken
Not able to see
To feel, to live
I do not exist
He is gone
He is gone
He doesn't love me now
I can't stand my self
In his eyes so hard to me
He doesn't want me
Doesn't respect
Doesn't believe
That I'm worth one his breath
I'm leaving now
I'm not able to love
He is gone
His heart is cold for me
He closed the doors
Any way I can't see
By one cut
He destroyed all joy of life
All love I have had
To the world
So I can't
Let you to come in
There is only ashes
Which stay
For today in me

Sinead O'Connor - Jealous


You don't want me anymore
So why do you want to read me still
If you don't need me
If I'm not worth of your love so suddenly
If you just scrap me on the floor
Like a broken doll
Which doesn't work anymore
As you want
You don't want me anymore
You don't believe in my love
So why do you want to read
My words
It's all broken right now
You don't want to see me on your site
You don't want me in your life
So don't take a pleasure
From my write
From my poems to you
If you don't want me anymore
My words are like me
So go away from my dreams
About this love for whole life
We could live with
Leave to the end
Never come back
I can't stand another
Goodbye from your side
It's simply too hard.

Blue Velvet - Mysteries Of Love

It’s for you right now

You say you love my poetry
You say you read it
you eat it, you drink
Maybe it's just because
I put my heart
To every word I write
And you know too
That most of it is for you
I came to this world
To make you happy, you know
To make you my man, my friend
and my lord
So, enjoy

Manon - Serge Gainsbourg

You miss me
I love to feel you
This way
As I do today
After your words
Always so sweet to me
I love to hear
Your voice
I love to know
That you miss me
I love you
Still and
I want you
More and more
Every day
And I'm glad
To come back
To you
With whole my body and soul
I love to be yours
As you know
Never forget about this
My love
You miss me
That's all I need
To feel you
Inside me

The piano

Life and poetry


warped scraps of reality
raised on summits of thoughts
dressed into forms perfect less or more
to amuse, to believe, to feel, to penetrate furtively
into this what we call an existence


Is just this what flows
among one and the second line

Eurythmics - There must be an angel

I love you
And this is so natural
I love you
And I can let you go
I love you
You live within my soul
I love you
And I smile knowing this
I love you
And mostly I miss you too
I love you
And I don't need to touch you
I love you
And this is enough to feel you
I love you
And I feel your words this special way
I love you
And I'm ok even if you are so far away
I love you
And it doesn't matter what you do
I love you
And you can love someone else too
I love you
And you can go wherever you want
I love you
And I can meet on my way whoever I do
I love you
And this is some kind of absolute
I love you
And the time doesn't matter anymore
I love you
And this is like a faith in a god
I love you
And I feel joy and calm in my heart
I love you
And this is like a dream I have
I love you
And you live here within me
I love you
And this sounds like music in my mind
I love you
And nothing can change this I suppose
I love you
Even just as a voice I hear still within me
I love you
And it's going on
I love you
And it's good to know this truth
I love you
And this is like a whisper to my soul
I love you
And this keeps me alive
I love you
And every time I think of you
I love you
And there is no need inside me anymore
I love you
And this love is pure right now
I love you
And this is fine
There is open space between us darling
I know
There is freedom that makes our love grow
There is time
That makes it eternal
There is a world
Where we choose our own path to go
There is life
That brings to us new lovers and smiles
There is place
Full of changes and surprises
Every day but this
What is between us
Never change
Even if it has many faces
And even if we can see each other
In many different ways
And this is a miracle
That makes our life beautiful
So, fly my angel of love
Fly to the beauty of this world
And let this life makes you happy and full of joy
But stay with me by your thoughts and mind
To feel me forever inside
And I'll be there
Wherever you will need to see me
And I'll support everything
You wish to do or to have too
And I'll stay here for you
Whenever you will need to come
So be free as much as you can
As much as you want
And be my love
You gave me freedom and
My love will fly to you
On the wings of desire

Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye

I'm sorry my love
I shouldn't accuse you
Just like this
Especially right now
When you are ill
I shouldn't be so angry
Because of something
What is not perhaps depended of
I'm sorry to be like this today
You see I'm not even able to try to leave you
I was just so full of these sad thoughts
That you don't care of me
One more time I doubt
Once again I did this
I stopped to believe
I still hear your words
'Never ever questioning my love to you'
But it's so hard sometimes It's so hard
My love
To believe that you care
When I don't see this
When everything is against
You and me
Why do I feel this sorrow
Because of this what
Didn't happened
I don't know
But now
Please believe me
I want you to live here
I don't feel well thinking that I could stop
No I don't want to leave at all
I just wish you could
Care a bit more just a bit
Just don't be silent too long
That's it

Marillion- Lavender

Patient girl
Is waiting for a man
To come
But she can't be so alone
So she is adored
At this time by someone special too
Who wants to take her heart and soul
But she doesn't know what to do
She knows that she loves
The man who
Is absent so often
and she needs more daily care
so she lets another came
To her mind and heart too
What to do
What to do
Does she lost
His this way?
Does she stay alone
At the end?
I don't know
But I want
I want you the most
But you can't be by my side
All the time
You are too busy for that
So, I have to do something
With this free time
To not die
To stay alive
For you
Caring lover
Is this
What she needs the most
But he can't come
To her world again
He is silent
He is impossible man
But the best for her

Bonny Portmore

Missing your thoughts

The whisper of love
Came to my soul again
But I'm not sure of your heart
As I know you
And this
What do you want
The most
My Dear
Perhaps you don't have
Whole my heart yet
But it doesn't mean
That you can't take me tonight
I'm suspicious still
A bit
But it doesn't mean
That I don't love you
Because I do
Yes I do
It's just that
I'm still unsure
This what you hide inside
I'm still afraid that
You and I it's just a dream
Which can't exist in reality
By the way
You make my days so full of life
You make my heart so full of smiles
I'm so glad to find you
How I wish to be sure
That we can survive the time
All this time
When we are not together,
Do you think of me still
Even when I'm silent
Even when you are silent,
When we don't see
We don't touch each other,

When we don't see our thoughts,
When we do so many things around
And we don't know anything about this?
I need your words as an air
Please come and say
That you love me
And you care
I don't like it that
When I'm silent
You are like this too
At this time I'm afraid
Our love is not growing
At all
At this time
We can stay strangers again
You and I can disappear
I don't want this
I feel good with you
I feel as a part of your life
As a part of you
But these whiles
When I'm not sure
Annoying me a bit
But I can't do anything
Where are you?
My love?
And why so little time
You can spend with me,
Why you don't want
To share your soul freely
You don't need
You don't feel you have to, perhaps
But I miss your words
I try to live normally
And enjoy other things
But I miss your thoughts
And I'm afraid of this love
I don't want to lose
Something so special, so good
I get from life again,
So please don't let me think
This way
Come and say
That you live, that you think
And you are with me still
In this dream

Here Comes The Rain Again by Annie Lennox

Forgive me

You are silent
It always makes me a bit sad
Especially when before that
I had written something what
I regret
When I'm too emotional
To you sometimes,
When I have my black thoughts
or doubts,
And I have put them all to you
Then this silence,
Then I feel
Such an emptiness
Such a idle day,
You blend into me as a tree
I'm not sure how I could live
Without you
I don't want even to imagine this
You are within me
And it's enough to live
And to feel
What is possible
And to love you still
Forever and ever I will
And forgive me
Every doubt
I have had so far
Every bad word
Every thought
Which is against
Our love,
You and me,
Which is because
I feel so weak
Without your arms
Around me

Diane Lane - Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

Come tonight

Yes you're right, my love
We don't need to hurry up at all
We have a lot of time
To meet each other
Step by step
We will know more and more
That you would fill my soul
To complete me whole
I don't want to disappoint you
Not at all
I just love to hear your voice
I just need to be sure of it
That you feel the same
What I feel
That's why I write
All these things
But I believe
That you want me still
And I have hope
For this love
Which wont disappoint
I'm so hungry of your words
I'm curious of your soul
Your point of view
For the things
Your relationships
Your life which you live
As much as your touch and kiss
As much as your palms and lips on me
I want you whole in me
Please complete me
Be within
This is my dream
But you know
That I wish still
To have your heart
So I will try
To be this right girl
If you wish
Even living here
Within your dreams
About me
I wish to make you happy
And I know you want this same

And I love this
I want this
I need
So, please come to me
When I'll go to sleep
Come to my dream
I need to feel your touch inside
I wish to hold your mind
And kiss you for good night

Phantom of the Opera--Nightwish


Sometimes I think
That if I'd reach
Only for you
To come to me
I'd probably die
From sorrow
That you don't come
That all I see
Is just an empty space
Where you should be
So I have to
Keep whole the world
During this time
When you have been gone
When I'm waiting for you

Phantom of the Opera - Dark Waltz

Waltz with death

I touch the interior of a black abyss
And I feel death in my hand
I turn her over in my fingers
I dance with her in the moonshine
The shameless waltz of my dark thoughts
I penetrate her incorporeality
And I feel that I have her in me
She is the miraculous well
In which I would like to sink every day
And touch her soul,
And tear to pieces her heart
To absorb all
What is concealed before me.

Lisa Gerrard - Come Tenderness

The priestess of calm normality
Lives here temporarily
She tries to cover the skies
Black chaos of the nonentities
She smiles condescendingly
Reconciled with the world
I measure her time
When she will fall out from the corner
When she will meet with an accident
And I will jump in the precipice again.

Dance of wolves

The time between

I was living in my dream
So long and now
I came back
To this world
To normality again
But I'm not sure
Is it good to me at all
I'm so calm
I see the world around
So clear
I still can smile but
This passion inside
I have had for a while
Is gone now
I'm not going to do
Anything special anymore
Just live as always in peace
It is a kind of relief but
How long I could live
Just like this
I don't know
But I'm sure
I'll start to miss
Something special
On my way again
After this particular time
When I'm just OK
With myself.

Who By Fire

Just believe in something

Everything just depends
What has a meaning to you
What doesn't have
But this what is important
I think, is just to believe
In something
Not important what it could be
Just believe
Don't be a terrorist
Don't be a fanatic
Don't be a realist too big
And believe and do what do you like
That's it
The point of view for happy days
For sure.


Fellow passengers

Everyone has this same problem all the time
How to live on this ground
And how to be happy with it, somehow
Everyone want this same
All the mankind one by one
All we are just wandering through years
To find out in the end, the perfect place
Of our existence here
We all want to be drowned sometimes too
In this what we love the most
We are looking our own chances and smiles to win
Our own worlds and whiles
And in the end we are all lost
So, how to not love this world?
How to not love?
Some of us are monsters
Some of us are just a simple guys I know
But we are all looking for the same basic goals
We are all looking for the same just in a different ways
And we all are lost at the end of course
But what to do then?
Let's try to not lose all this time we have
That's all we can do, all we can be sure
It's always worth to fight for this
What we miss the most
It's always worth to look
Another way to go through
Or to not go at all too
It's always worth to believe
It's always worth to be real
And it's always worth to drink
Another cup of tea, I think
What else?
Just don't forget
That we are all here
For this same
We all share this same end as well
So, don't be so alone
Don't be even so strong
We are together one by one
Living here on this Earth
So, maybe it's time to stop this fight?
What do you think the friend of mine?
Do you agree with me, somehow?

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

High Hopes

Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begun

Along the Long Road and on down the Causeway
Do they still meet there by the Cut

There was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps
Running before times took our dreams away
Leaving the myriad small creatures trying to tie us to the ground
To a life consumed by slow decay

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
When friends surrounded
The nights of wonder

Looking beyond the embers of bridges glowing behind us
To a glimpse of how green it was on the other side
Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again
Dragged by the force of some sleeping tide

At a higher altitude with flag unfurled
We reached the dizzy heights of that dreamed of world

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
There's a hunger still unsatisfied
Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon
Though down this road we've been so many times

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

Forever and ever

By Pink Floyd

Sunday, 9 September 2007

When You Say You Love Me

How I love to know
That you are my man
That you are my love
How I love to see
The words of you so sweet
To me
How I love to wait
When I know that you will come
To give me so much pleasure
To give me so much joy
How I love to be yours
How I love to believe
That you will come to me
For real


I live for you now
I live for the feeling
Like this
I have right now
From the time
You came to my life
So suddenly
I live for the man
As you are
I live for this night
I could spend
Within your arms
I live for the charm
Of these words
You gave to me so far
So sweet so wild
I live for you now
And for this
What can be
between you and me

My Immortal

Internal words

Sometimes I try to be hard
and not write for a while to you
To make you feel this way as you do
For a while
Is this love real
Are you in love with me still?
But my words are growing in me
And then I just can't
To not let you know
That I care that I want
I wont beg you for anything
I'm strong enough to not do it
But I miss your words
The sight of you
Momentarily I'm scared
That you go away but I know
That everything will be ok
I still have hope
For this special love
But if you ever decide to
Not start this in real
Please tell me
Tell me everything you think
I'm so hungry your soul
Within me
If you decide to go away
I'll understand
I'll be sad
But life is like that
And we both must want
This same
To make this love
Every day with you inside
Is like a new way
new beginning, another start
We can say hello
and we can say goodbye
I have had this dark thoughts
From time to time
That you don't care
That you would stop it and go away

But then
I can't, I can't stop my self
I wish to have you
Even with your stillness
And when you are so silent
Even if you don't come to me
And if I wont come to you
I still want to be with you
And I can't play with you
In silence game
To let you
Be hungry me
I'm not able to do that yet
So forgive me
That I let you know again
That I'm with you
That you are my man


On the way

You live inside
This dream which
I used to call
My life
We never know
Where this path
Leads us
And this is
The most exciting
Part of the story

Moulin Rouge

All the truth

What the truth are you looking for
Just take me and you will see it
Within my eyes, baby
All the truth
Is this what turns you on
What makes you feel
This way as you feel right now
So happy with me somehow
So come on stop these silly talks
About the philosophical aspects of the world
About this special place which not exists at all
Don't say that you look for the challenge in me like this
Just come and take me
In your words, in your thoughts, in real
The way is the best for you and me
Occasionally or still,
No matter how you wish and dream
What kind of truth
Do you want to know more?
Just come and take me, honey
You've won me already
With this big lottery of thoughts
So you can have this what you want
You were brave enough
To stay my love

sting - shape of my heart

Stay within

It wasn't a long time ago
When you came suddenly to my world
But I don't remember
How it was before
How I could live without your soul
Please stay with me
Stay within
I feel good with you
Like this
I need you to live

Sinead O'Connor - You Do Something To Me (Red Hot + Blue)


I don't expect
You'd marry me
No, my boy
This what I want
Is something much more
I'm going to make you
The slave of love

Vaya con dios - Nah neh nah

Do you want love?

You can feed my soul by this love to you
But are you sure you can stand this, my love?
Do you have the time and place
In your heart
To let this feeling grow?
Are you sure you want love?
Maybe just take this beautiful body I own
And that will be enough?
Are you sure you want me whole?
You still have a choice
Because you are wonderful boy
Who I want

Gravity Of Love


It's well to know what is right and what is wrong
choosing this what is good to you
occasionally just the moment through
but even if you know
that something is just an illusion
take this and don't lose the truth
all the pleasure of illusion's world is
in its fluency
Take me tonight deeply and free
I'm here for you
you can believe
even if we never
see each other
I can play with you
to love affair
taking a pleasure of it
to dissolve, to dipped into us but
I know that it is he
who's love is real
he is this one who stays by my side still
but I want you both
tonight, for a while, forever, whatever
our mild possession
devoid of big risk
because I'm here
you are there still
we just take a pleasure of our illusion
to inspire, to fly for a while
to rise this hunger for a special life
we all fight with the boredom outside
we play exciting games
to turn us on
to another day
living for a pleasure
fot these whiles we can catch
we can suddenly find
taming strangers
to create internal world
we can watch TV
it's almost this same but
less funny

My favorite game is to make
the stranger my friend
but these are
different kind of plays yet
friends become lovers
lovers become slaves
slaves become masters
masters become enemies
enemies become strangers
there is always some risk
between you and me
Another art is to devote yourself
in the name of idea
to everything you wish
God, policy, sex, pleasure, love
there is just one condition
in everything you do
you must be real
you have to be
able to drown
but of course
you can just slither on the surface
but it is never enough
to the one
who name himself the philosopher
Sometimes the family
is the key of true life too
you can built your life around
of this what you love, you care about
but sometimes the family
becomes this thing you want to escape of
to the world of illusions
it's not a bad world
just easy to crash
you can stay alone in the desert
trying to build your world again
but after years you don't have
so much force and enthusiasm as well
so there is some risk
your life' d stay empty enough
to let you feel bad if you can't
live for idea just

look positive
the light is better
than darkness
in a long distance
with the world
there is also like this
that we are going through
another step into the knowledge
if I'm the woman I know a bit more than the girl I was
if I'm the wife I know a bit more than miss
if I'm mother I know a bit more than wife
I'm mistress, I'm wife, I'm mother
everything is just process in progress
we turn into the wisdom of reality
we turn into experience
of our life

so jump into the life
Don't be afraid
this is the way
to fill your self

There is some story about life too
life is an empty glass
to fill
put the stones first
you can see the free space yet
so put the gravel in
not filled still?
put the sand
but don't put it first because
there wont be space for nothing else

El Mio Tango

Go one deeper

If you are not going to fall in love with me
Then go away from my dreams!
Do you want me?
I don't think so
This what you want is just a little dream
But you don't want me in real
You don't expect anything, so
You have what you want
This short and flat bly bly
Between the strangers we are

Busy man, busy man
You don't have the time for love then
But do you know what the time is for?
You are so busy as you want
As you need and wish mostly
Are you the owner of your time?
Are you the master of your life?
Are you ready to go outside?
Are you able to drown
Within someone?

The Balcony Videos pt 1.

Write me another piece like this
And you will stay the lover from my dreams
Lord, how come you
Let me fall in love
With another one
Nice man who just came
And knocked to my door
Strangers come and go
This is the way
They become the part of the story
Some of them are with me some of them are gone
This is the way the life goes on

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel#2

It's so easily to leave alone
Another one who seemed to be
So interesting to speak with
It's so sweetly to came back
To you
Another time
The memories win the battle
With the reality around
I love this picture of you
Within my soul
Hidden, rooted so deeply
So true
I love to be in love
With you
Forever and ever
I do

Silent All These Years - Tori Amos ft. Leonard Cohen

Poem ("I heard of a man ...") from "Let Us Compare Mythologies"

I heard of a man
who says words so beautifully
that if he only speaks their name
women give themselves to him.

If I am dumb beside your body
while silence blossoms like tumors on our lips.
it is because I hear a man climb stairs and clear his throat outside the door.

Leonard Cohen

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Leonard Cohen - If it be your will

M. Ward - Story of an artist

I don't have
Courage enough
To see you again
But it's good to know
That you are still here
So close
It's good to know
That everything
Is all right with you
I hope I didn't touch you
Too much
I hope you didn't have
A hard night
Because of this
Little sign.

Julie London / Cry Me A River

Fed by dreams

I live through my dream
Feeling this same
But in a different way
More free yet
More bright
I feed myself
Filling days with dreams I have had
I sent the sight of my love
To the world
And I love
Without love
I live dreaming
And this is life actually
This is the air which keeps me alive
This is my power I have inside
To smile, to do everything I should
With the pleasure.

Marillion - Kayleigh

I know that perhaps
You never wanted
To find this room I stayed
When I was waiting for you
I know that you never meant
To break my heart at all
I know you were too busy for love
I know that you were confused a little
To get my words so suddenly
But you were strong enough to understand
That there is no way to find each other again
You are too smart to believe
That we could receive this same moment we lost
In these passing days, my love
So just see what is left and take this little gift
I have had to you after years, nothing more
But I hope you like it,
When you know that there is no price for this at all
Because I don't need you anymore.